Shark Eyes (shark week)

Shark Eyes (shark week)

A story of a shark attack...through the shark's point of view (I wrote this story a looong time ago. So now I've decided to post it, and just in time for Shark Week!)

Chapter 1

Shark Eyes

by: wingaboo

Common sense told me to stay away from the dark silhouette of the floating object above me

on the ocean’s surface, but my instincts beckoned me to approach it. I looked up at the

mysterious shape above me, and saw that it had a round torpedo-like figure with a sharp head

shape. I could sense it making tiny movements in the water, its long arms slightly splashing

about. I could sense its heartbeat, so I knew it was alive. I squinted against the rays of sun that

shone down upon the surface, and wondered if it was a sea turtle, or better yet, a sea lion.

I did not eat much earlier that day, except maybe a few mackerel. I was hungry, yet I was not

in the mood for a full-on hunt. The unexpected animal was just lying there, almost motionless. It

did not seem to notice me swimming about, just a few feet away from it. My curiosity was

beginning to grow, so I swam quietly toward it to check it out. But as I swam closer, my

curiosity blossomed even more.

The creature had its left arm dangling in the water. I nudged it gently with my snout, exploring

around it. It felt soft and fleshy, like a sea lion. I began to circle it, like I always did with my prey

before closing in for the kill. I bumped its arm with my snout a few times again, trying to see if I

got a reaction. The creature made a move, and I knew it was on alert. The curiosity I had, had

now turned into something urge...hunger… the need to kill.

It was wise not to take a bite of something you were unfamiliar with, in case it was poisonous

or it didn’t taste very good. But at the moment, I ignored my common sense and paid attention

only to my instincts, which were now screaming at me to take a bite. My target was starting to

move faster. I had to act fast before it got away. Pushing out all thoughts from my head, I let my

basic instincts and hunger take over. I rolled my eyes back, arched into a defensive position, and

lunged forward. Just one bite, I told myself. Opening my jaws wide, my bladed teeth pushed out

and latched themselves onto my prey’s arm.

So many things happened at once. There was a loud crunching noise, like bones being

crushed under a thousand pounds of pressure. The first thing that greeted my taste buds was

the salty bitterness of thin flesh and blood. I almost gagged at the awfulness of the taste. What

kind of sea lion tasted like that?

A shrill scream pierced the air and travelled its way underwater, meeting my ear drums.

Through the clouds of blood and splashing bubbles of my victim, I could see it wasn’t a sea lion.

It was a female human, thrashing and crying on a wooden board. Her left arm was gone,

warm blood pouring out of her, like water spraying out of a giant blue whale.

Horror and terrible guilt pierced through me like the blade of a swordfish as I realized what I had

done. Her missing arm was now in my belly, just like the limbs of other creatures I’ve killed. But

this...this was different. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way. I never did when I

hunted and killed another animal such as a turtle or a dolphin. I did what I had to do in

order to survive, there was no place or time for feeling sorry. But with the human, who sobbed

and shrieked for help, moaning piteously, I felt an indescribable ache for her. I did not want to hurt

her anymore.

The clear blueness of the water was now contaminated with red. Though the taste of blood

was bitter to my tongue, the smell was tempting, appetizing. My instinct to kill was still sparking,

despite my guilt. I wanted to take another bite, I needed to eat. I lunged for her again.

Something within me screamed for me to stop, and I did. I looked up and saw the tears

showering down the human’s face. Her eyes were two wide moons of stark fear, her mouth

twisted in miserable torment. How could I ever hurt her? How could I cause her any more pain?

No. I had to eat. She was just one human. Easy prey. I needed to eat to survive. But I couldn’t bring

myself to do it. She was helpless, she couldn’t fight back.

I hated feeling this way. I hated having to feel pity towards a simple human. I was a powerful

predator. I had to hunt, kill and eat if I wanted to survive. I was torn between my urging instincts

and my conscience. I had to give in to one or the other, so I let my hunger take over once again.

The smell of the blood drew me closer, beckoning me to take another bite. I charged again with

my mouth wide open, ignoring the cries of the human and the shrieking of my conscience.

Suddenly, sharp pains had befell my gills. Before I could even figure out what happened,

the pain spread throughout my snout and my eyes. It was like being rammed in the head

constantly with a dolphin’s strong snout. Through the pain and the dizziness, I realized the

human was defending herself, kicking and punching with what strength she had left. She kept

calling for help, and while she fought, she was quickly tiring out from the loss of blood and

stress. In a matter of minutes, she stopped fighting, and was hanging limply onto her board with

her only arm. She had given in, the will to survive gone from her eyes. Instead, they were filled

with sorrow, pain, and hopelessness.

Our eyes met for a moment. I struggled to prevent myself from smelling the blood, and instead

focused on her tearful, weak, yet beautiful gaze. Then, she spoke to me, in a voice so soft and

scared that it was barely audible: “Please don’t kill me.”

I felt like I was being ripped in half from the inside. My animal instincts were urging me to finish

her off, get it over with. But the way she looked at me, the hopelessness in her voice,I couldn’t

kill her. As hungry as I was, as tempting as the blood smelled, I knew I couldn’t hurt her any

more. She looked so weak and beautiful, it would kill me everyday of my life if I killed her.

Suddenly, there was another disturbance in the water. Several humans in a speeding vessel

came zooming toward the human and me, probably upon hearing her cry. They called out to her,

ready to come to her aid. Inside, a small part of me felt relieved she was going to get the help

she needed. She began to cry again, with joy and heavy relief. Seeing her happy made me

happy momentarily.

The other humans took notice of me. They glared in hatred for injuring one of their

own. I knew I deserved the looks they gave me, as horrible as I felt. Then, one of them pulled out

a spear and aimed it right for me.

As soon as the spear was thrown, I dived into the water for cover, and began swimming away

for my life. I doubted the humans would forgive me, including the girl whose arm I just ate, and I

understood that I was no longer welcome near them. If they saw me again, they would kill me on


Before swimming farther out to sea, I took one last look at the girl. She was being helped on to

the vessel with the other humans. Then, she looked right at me, our eyes meeting for the last

time. She still looked scared, but not as much as when she first saw me. I tried so hard to

memorize every detail of her face, and when I was sure I had the memory stuck into my head, I

swam off, never to see her or another human again.

I continued on with my life as a normal shark: eating, hunting, and trying to survive. But there is

never a day where I do not think about the human I spared, and wondered, was she

somewhere fearing the oceans after what had happened to her arm? Was she thinking about

me, as I constantly thought about her? All I knew was that she was safe, and it was enough.


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