Chapter 1

This will be harsh.

Look I am a Christian. I always have been and don't plan on changing it. And this is going to sound harsh but all of you are being stupid. Arguing about religion? Really? You are basically at each other's throats over a difference of opinion. Stop trying to tell people what to be. I am nhot trying to put you people down for being Christian or Non Christian but think. You are the ones putting each other down. "You're going to Hell!" I mean seriously people?! That's just mean. Let people be what they want to be. I mean really we are all happy go lucky until someone comes out of the closet for being Atheist. Then everyone who is Christian automatically hates them. I don't get it. Does it really matter? As long as they are not trying to change your beliefs (which is wrong) then don't bother with trying to change theirs.

So this was my little rant I don't care what you think. Leave your hate comments but just know I am not trying to be insulting, change anyone's beliefs, or put anyone down. I just got tired of this.


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