Fortune Hunters

CHARACTERS (In order of appearance)

AuthorUnknown - Chris

Luckypantz - Darek

pinkyfreckles - Cheri

ZoeyLupin - Sammy

Jeff_The_Killer - Patch

Ultra7Turtle - Vladimir

CaptainCookiez - Ryder

Thanks for all who will participate!

Chapter 1


I woke up one morning, asking myself why I do what I do. Why do I put my friend's lives in danger? Why do I put my own life in danger? Is this even worth it? But then I remember what would happen if I don't do this, if I don't defend the city, then my life and my friend's lives are over before they begin.

The place I stand in is almost like the aftermath of judgment day. The buildings that weren't properly reinforced are only rubble now. The smiling faces of little children are now soiled and bloodied. The loving parents, the friendly neighbors, all dead.

This is my fault, and my fault alone. As I sit in this shelter, watching carnage and destruction I know that I could have stopped this.

But what went wrong?

About two months ago, in the Apennine Mountains of Italy, I contacted my friends and colleagues for an important meeting. I told them all to meet me at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome. We would later have a conversation concerning an investigation on the Corno Grande, the highest peak in the mountain range.

Scientists discovered a strange object. Like a key almost. It could unlock something that would let the human race prosper. They just had to find it. This 'key' had a (symbol) on it. To some, it was noticed as the symbol for Neptune. And it was, truth be told. But it served another purpose. It was the crest of Grad Neptun, or the City of Neptune.

It was a 'no man's land' in ancient Macedonia. Only sacred priests were allowed in. Pretty soon the city was overrun by Spartans, and was thought to have been destroyed. But it stayed alive, under lock and key. The Greeks protected it for centuries, but the Roman Empire defaced the sacred shrine. All that it is now is a hidden city, behind stone walls that look like the face of a cliff. This is how it was hidden.

There is rumor that a great treasure is located there. I want to find out. As my father, and my grandfather before me. The Ancient City of Neptune will be uncovered one way or another. And this is what I explain to my partners, my colleagues, my friends.

To think the hunt for sacred treasure and fortune started at an airport...

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