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Chapter 1


by: ssdlfan
Okay, so I start school on August 19. Most of us already have school coming up very soon where we won't be able to come on as much as we are able to during the summer.

So, I am gonna be one of those people who will not be able to come on as much because I'm starting my 3rd semester, 2nd year of community college and I've got a full schedule this Fall.

I have classes everyday, but I've got it figured out.

My goal: to get good grades and I'm going to post and explain how I've figured things out and hopefully I will be able to get my homework done on time.

I'm gonna do my best Not to procrastinate and get distracted by TV. But the schedule will be in Chapter 2. Btw, I'm taking 15 units this Fall.

Also once I do start school, I end in December before Christmas where I'll be studying a lot for finals and exams.

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