~Seven Minutes~

So don't say I didn't warn you~ Now that we got that out of the way~ This was originally going to be a Seven minutes in heaven quiz thingy, but I really wanted to have a lot of detail, but there's a 1000 word limit sighs So I'm making it into a story! This is my very first upload ^_^ I may keep this going depending on how many people like it C: anyways, enjoy~~

Chapter 2

~The fair~

It's been four weeks since I was dragged to a party my friend guilted me into going. At the party, he also dragged me into this ridiculous game called "Seven minutes in heaven. I guess I have the worst luck in the world because I got my name picked out of a hat, along with this guy named Hayato. But, right when we went into that room....We connected. He gave me his number and I never seen him since. We've texted a few times, but it was just small talk. I should have known he wasn't interested in me. But it's whatever. Today was a weekend. Just a normal weekend, no plans as usual, boring. I laid back on my bed and sighed. I touched my lips. "His lips were soft...Ugh!" I took a pillow and put it over my face and let out a frustrated scream. Why am I so flustered? It was probably just a one time thing and will be nothing else. I really liked him though so I guess I'm just disappointed that we can't be anything else. Suddenly my cell phone started to ring. I tossed my pillow off to the side and quickly sat up and grabbed my phone. "Hayato?!" I opened my phone and put it up to my ear.
"Hello?!" I answered.
"Hey Kazuo, it's been awhile..."
"Yeah, it has....Uh how you been?"
"...Good. You?"
"Uh. Good I guess, I could be better."
"Do you miss me?"
My face got red in response of his question. I didn't know what to say so I just sat there quietly.
"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked that. I called because I wanted to know if you would accompany me to the fair today."
That's right! There 's a fair going on in town. I forgot about it...
"Yes! Of course, I would love to go with you!"
"Awesome. So where do you live? I'll pick you up, but if you're within walking distance, I'd love to walk with you."
I really wanted to shriek and jump up and down with excitement , but I contained myself and gave him directions to my house. It turns out he lives a couple of blocks away.
"Okay. I'll come by in a half an hour. See ya."
"Bye Hayato! See you soon!"
I closed my phone and stood there....
"YESSS!!! AHHHHH YESS!!!" I screamed. I jumped face first onto my bed and buried my face in my pillows. I really couldn't believe it. I looked up at my clock. "It's six thirty already. I better go tell mom my plans." I got up and ran downstairs quickly, almost falling on my face. I told her my plans and she said it was okay. Trying to contain myself, I calmly went upstairs to my room.
"Oh god! I can't go looking like this!" I said frowning into my mirror while fluffing my jet black hair. I took a quick shower and put on something else to wear. I looked back at my clock and noticed that there is only a few minutes until Hayato was going to come. I grabbed a jacket and put my phone in my pocket and went downstairs. Just then, the doorbell rang. Running to the door, I swung the door open, and there was Hayato. Standing before me drinking a soda. I felt myself blush as I looked at him.
"Oh, hey Hayato."
He looked up and me and smiled.
"You ready?"
I nodded and started to walk out. But my mom stopped me to give me a hug.
"Mom...Stop. I'll be fine, I'm just going to the fair, I'll be fine I promise." I told her. She smiled and gave me money and we headed out. It was the beginning of spring. The sky was clear of clouds. The only thing that was filling the sky, was the twinkling stars and a half moon shinning down on the ground. We turn a corner and I notice the town scenery. There was a large ferris wheel turning slowly, all sorts of fun rides and lights blinking bright neon colors. There was a sudden cold breeze that hit my cold face and sent shivers down my spine. I then felt Hayato wrap his arm around my waist and pull me closer to him.
I turned my head to look at him and he kissed me on the forehead. He let go of me and held my hand. His hands were soft and warm. I wouldn't trade this moment for anything in the world.

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