~Seven Minutes~

So don't say I didn't warn you~ Now that we got that out of the way~ This was originally going to be a Seven minutes in heaven quiz thingy, but I really wanted to have a lot of detail, but there's a 1000 word limit sighs So I'm making it into a story! This is my very first upload ^_^ I may keep this going depending on how many people like it C: anyways, enjoy~~

Chapter 1

~Seven Minutes~

My friend shuffles through the hat. I pleaded for my named not to be called. My friend pulled out one of the folded papers and unfolded it. "Hayato! You're up!" I heard a grumble and saw a guy stand up. He walked up to the front and stood. I started getting nervous, because I knew my name could still be pulled out. I didn't even want to be at this stupid party. I'm not very social to be honest and I'm extremely awkward. My friend sticks his hand in the hat pulled out another piece of paper. He slowly unfolded it and I saw a little grin form on his face. I crossed my finger behind my back and closed my eyes. "Kazuo!" I heard my name being said. I flinched a little and reluctantly got up. "Gezz, just my luck." I whispered to myself. I stood up, walk up to the front, and stood next to Hayato. Immediately, everything felt awkward between the two of us. I gave him a nervous smile, but he just calmly looked at me and quickly glanced away. "Alrighty then...This is going to be loads of fun..." I thought to myself. My friend walks us upstairs. He was rambling on about whatever, but I wasn't really listening to him. I was too busy thinking of ways to get out of this situation, hoping some meteor would crash next to the house or something. Then before I knew it, we were standing in front of a door. "Okay guys, you know the rules! You got seven minutes. I will warn you guys when there is a minute left!" My friend said and he quickly shoved us into the room and shuts the door and locks it. I let out a irritated sigh, walked over to the bed and sat down. Hayato followed and sat next to me. I didn't know where to start so I said, "Hey I know we're both guys. We can just talk if you-" Then suddenly, I was interrupted by a kiss on the lips! I pushed him away, not realizing it. I covered my mouth and look at him with wide eyes full of shock and embarrassment. "...Your face is red..." He says to me. "Well yeah! That came out of no where! You could have told me you were going to do that first!" He stared at me for a while with tempting eyes. "You talk too much." He says to me as he was inching closer to me. I could tell my face was bright red. I was trying to find a way out of this situation. I opened my mouth and tried to say something...But no words came out. I felt his fingers travel up my leg and grab onto my pants. Everything was going too fast. First I remember sitting down, not wanting to be here, and now, I'm sitting here being grabbed and kissed by some guy that I've never seen or talked to in my life! I tried to push him away, but he lightly pushes me onto my back. He leaned into my ear, "All you have to do is say no...." He whispers. His low, soft voice sends chills down my spine and I arched my back a little bit. He mounts on top of me and lightly applies pressure onto my sides with his knees. I was surprised to hear a faint moan escapes my lips. He leaned in closer to my face. A strand of his blonde hair lightly tickles my cheek and I slightly giggle. My eyes met with his golden, radiant eyes. Then, I noticed a scar that was over his right eye. I reached my hand out and lightly touched the scar. He pushed my hand away and jerked back. "I'm sorry..." He told me as he stroked my cheek. "Huh? No...I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean-" Yet again, he stops my words with another kiss. He pulled away, leaving a strand of spit between my lips and his. "You talk too much." He whispered to me again. Then, as if under his kissing spell, I sat up and wrapped my arms around him and passionately kiss him. I broke the kiss and looked at him. "And you don't talk enough." I giggled. And for once, he smiles and laughs. I was kind of shocked by the sight of his beautiful smile. He leaned in to give me another kiss, but a voice caught my attention from the other side of the door. "One more minute you two!" I frowned and let go of him. At first, I know I was trying to find a way out of this game. I didn't even want to be invited to this party, but now, I felt so happy that my name and his was pulled out of the hat. I got off of him and sat back down on the bed. "You got a phone?" He asked me. "Oh! Yeah I do!" I said as I reached for my back pants pocket. "...May I please see it?" He asked me. I handed him my phone and he fiddled with it for a couple of seconds. Just then the door opened and my friend barged in. "Times up! Seven minutes is over!" Hayato handed me back my phone and got up. I got up also. "Hey Haya-" But before I knew it, I watch him walk away, and disappear out of the room. First, I was extremely angry and upset with him. How could he walk out like that on me after what just happened seven minutes ago? "Really? You're not going to say good bye? Jerk..." Then I remembered that he had my phone and wanted to know what he was doing with it. I looked down at my phone, and noticed he put his name in my contacts. I felt my face get really red. My phone then started vibrating and it startled me. I noticed that I got a text message. "From...Hay...ato?" I said to myself. I opened the text from him, and read....
"I want to know you more ❤ ~" I couldn't help but smile after I read it.
"You to ❤ " You reply.

To be continued...maybe~

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