Me Is BACK!!!!!!

Chapter 1


Soooooo, looks like all those bleeps who said I couldn't make it a single day without Quibblo were right!! I couldn't, even if I found out that some of my "friends" hate me, and they don't care at all... At least 1 of my top friends, and I think they know who they are.............. And no, not any of you wonderful girls, it's a guy.... But I refuse to say which. And I love him, but the feeling is defiantly not mutual...............
But yeah, people were talking behind my back, and all this nonsense. And I see how they treat all the other people, they care, they care!!! But me, no........... I'm not worth caring about in their eyes!!
So, yeah, I missed you all to death, lol, even if I wasn't gone even a day or so... And all you people who said I was deleting for just attention, and I was stupid, and that I deserved to die, well, I don't care, you can think you're right, but no one knows why I deleted BUT ME!!!!!!!!!
So, yeah, sorry for seeming so snobish, the truth is, I sometimes am a snob, I wont lie... I AM NOT PERFECT, I'M FAR FROM PERFECT!!!
So, I did miss most of you dearly, some of you, well, I didn't miss so much... And I would like to be your friend, but you wont let me, you wont give me a chance, just because of my... never mind.
Well, thank you all for reading, and leave all the nasty comments you want. :)


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