Me and my Youngest bro convo ;-)

just one of my latest convo with my youngest brother, Yahya.
actually we talked in urdu but its the translation in english

Chapter 2

What my bro Shuqran told me.

Okay so this was what he told

'' Jojo i went to pizza shop Yum Yum you know ok , so there was something going on in my mind. As you know it just opened so it had a million customers, so i waiting and waiting and waiting for my pizza. Suddenly i said to a man, ''Excuse me, plz hurry up and give me my pizza, actually i'm on fast and it would be opening any time'' .(actually he wasnt on fast. that was a lie) The man replied, ''ooo on fast? ok so go over there and pull out a bottle of drink you like, for free'' . I was so excited , i went over to the refrigerator and pulled out my fav drink of R.S 60. and went into corner, drank whole up. hid the bottle and came back. Then the man went downstairs. So i went to a woman, and said, ''excuse me plz give me my pizza, fast has ended and i need to eat it'' , the woman was so worried, she went over the refrigerator and brought another fizzy drink bottle and handed over it to me. FOR FREE. and there i was..drank two bottle for free with no effort. ;-) ''

i was like O.o '' I WANT TO DO IT TOOO '' , although Shuqran is also younger than me :P

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