Me and my Youngest bro convo ;-)

just one of my latest convo with my youngest brother, Yahya.
actually we talked in urdu but its the translation in english

Chapter 1

he's so cute!

yahya: jojo bajiii..look i'm gonna turn off your internet
me: yahya you do and I'LL KILL YOU.dont disturb me!
yahya. haw! you'll kill me?
me: Yes i'll kill you
yahya: but then you'll not have any younger brother!
me: nuthing matters
yahya: then after killing me. dont cry ok?
me: i wont
yahya: dont regret killing me ok?
me: i wont
yahya: Then dont call me back ok?
me: i wont!
yahya : then dont say '' ooo yahya i wish you were here, i would have never killed u ,it was all my mistake '' ok?
me: fine!
yahya: then dont cry if i go to hell ok?
me: i wont ( hesitating)
yahya: and parents would punish u if u would kill me, they would call police and they would jail u
me: no they wont
yahya: police does if u commit murder
me: no they wont. i will also kill police.
yahya: oohh ( feeling failed )
me: and go , you'll not eat pizza with me
yahya: WHAT?you'll eat the whole pizza?
me: yes!
yahya: but you cant! you'll become fat and explode
me: no i wont!
me: ok ok i was kidding. and pizza is not here..Shuqran is gone to take it .


We all were eating.I was eating while looking at Yahya's eyes. I love his eyes
Yahya doesnt like anybody looking at him

Yahya: stop looking at me!
me: i'm not looking at you. em looking at your eyes
yahya: then stop looking at my eyes
mother: ok jojo..stop looking at his start looking at his nose!
yahya: no i mean...uuuffff....why do you all have to be so stupid. i mean stop looking at my whole body


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