Danger (Horror story~)

Chapter 1


It was a recent event... 

A dark midnight, world was ending. Again.
I was planning to stay up all night long and I was on a chat site with some friends. Nothing odd.

As the site had a tendency to, the page closed out on its own and as I have a tendency to, I tried to reload the page...

It wouldn't load.

Suddenly, I had the need for a quenching drink of water, so I grabbed my water bottle and slipped from my room.

I could have sworn I felt something watching me from the pitch black of the stair case. 

But, I didn't look because, according to Mr. Creepypasta, "If you don't acknowledge it, it'll leave you alone." So I continued my short quest.

I didn't want to awaken my parents with the bathroom light, so quietly and slowly, I shut the door. 

In an instant of the door closing, I heard footsteps in the hallway. I grew scared and locked the door.

Less than a moment after I turned the lock, a scream echoed through the house on the intercom.

I ignored it thinking it was my brother pulling a joke on me.

But Another, more inhumane scream and gibberish could be heard. 

Now, my mom exited her bedroom and I came out of the bathroom.

"Sweetheart, was that--" Another inhumane noise interrupted her question. A head ache hit me down hard and my eyes welled with warm tears as I dropped to my knees in fright and pain. 

My mother's eyes must have been full of worry as she ran down the stairs to the basement, where my little brother slept. 

I crawled to her room and curled up in a ball on her bed, sobbing in the pure pain and fear I had never experienced on such a harsh level.

I must have fallen asleep...

It's 4: 35 am, I awoke to the same noise. The noise is accompanied by footsteps in the hall way outside my mother's door, a massive headache, and I become scared to the point of tears for no reason. I'm running a fever and I'm scarily pale. The noise, keeps going through my head at the most random moments, plunging me into pure fear. 

I don't know what it was.

 I don't know where from, all I know was that it wasn't safe. I haven't gotten out of my mother's bed and--

"Mama? Mama is that you?"


"Mama, knock it off, I'm scared. What took so long?"

     "You're about to find out~"


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