To You :)
For an early anniversary gift

Chapter 1

Dear Jack

Dear Jack,

It has now been a month since we became an item. It has been 6-7 months since we have became friends. Back in that time, I would of never known we would end up here. At that time, you were a friend, a friend that was always there. You were the one who could cure any of my cases of frownitis, no matter how rough of shape I was in. I told you about my problems with old crushes and you just listened to my constant worries and complains even though at one point I was soo unaware of your feelings that now when I think back to that time, I feel like a dunce.

But here we are now, a month later on this day. I am the luckiest girl in this world and I have you to thank for. You always seem to say the most perfect of things that will always make me smile, blush, and even speechless. You are out of this world Jack and I believe with all my heart in what I am saying when i say this. I. Love. You.

This passion for you
I know it to be true;
You showed me on how to love
And now it fits like a glove.

You became my super hero
who made me feel special and not a zero.
You are my guided light
that leads me away from the night.

My soul and heart is for you to take
and I know that won't be a mistake.
You are the spark that is burning in me
and now I am your devotee.

Jack, you mean so much to me and before you, I never thought I could feel this way. You have showed me things that are possible even though in my mind they were impossible. I was lost when it came to the world of love, but you directed me towards you, I still remember that night (morning or afternoon for you) when we admitted to each other on our crushes. Even though it was a month ago, it feels like just yesterday. Also, it feels as if I have known you for a lifetime instead of just several months.

You are my crutch, my backbone, and the air I need to live.

I love you.

Sincerely Amber

Ps. Happy 1 Month Anniversary Jack.

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