20 QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

wanna play 20 questions? well read them and then answer them! :D

Chapter 1

20 questions to answer

1. how did u come up with ur quibblo username?
2. what is your fave song from around the time you were born?
3. what color do u REALLY HATE?
4. what type of quizzes that i make that u like best: personality, random quizzes or questions that i ask?
5. what is your current ringtone?
6. what type of youtube videos do u like to watch?
7. how long have u been on quibblo?
8. who was the first singer or band that you saw in concert?
9. is there one thing that you used to do when you were a kid that you still do now?
10. do you have any pets?
11. who was the first celeb u became a fan of?
12. how many close friends do u have?
13. what is your dream job?
14. who is the craziest person in your whole family?
15. what do u like about quibblo?
16. name one thing you are grateful for in your life
17. what is one gross habit of yours?
18. which celeb can you relate to, to a certain extent?
19. did u like this quiz?
20. do u want me to make more of these?


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