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My first group story... Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Now I'm falling from the Golden Gate Bridge....

by: Sophiz
So, my idea is this: 5 kids fall from the Golden Gate Bridge on the same day. But instead of dying, they were sucked into a different world. This world, Katerall (cah-teh-rall), is made up of 5 species that used to live in harmony (but everything changed when the fire nation attacked) but now are at war. All of them are intelligent life forms that can speak using highly developed translators. There are:

The Uretako (singular, Uretak): The Aquatic species, looking vaguely like dugongs, but with human-like eyes, and completely smooth black skin. These creatures are very patient and wise, but are very indecisive. The aquatics are very loyal. They vote for peace.

The Tximinoak (singular, Tximinoa): The ape species, they look similar to humans. Some big differences are: Their blue skin, their webbed fingers, and the dark blue facial patterns like a tiger on their faces (nowhere else). Their main eye colors are blue, purple, green and grey. They are much like humans in their disposition. They vote peace.

The Narrasti (both plural and singular): The reptilian species looks similar to humans in size, but are shorter and squatter, and have crocodile skin. They have long heads, with yellow eyes.These creatures are cold, arrogant, and impulsive. Some of them are friendly, but these are considered a rarity. They vote war.

The Hegazti (both): The avian species, these beings look like large eagles with beady yellow eyes and sharp talons. They have black spots. Dangerous, this species is also forgetful, and often lose sight of the bigger picture. They throw themselves fully into any battle. (Think Dory crossed with Vikings) They vote war.

The Intsektuak (singular, Insektuen): The insect species, this species looks like a praying mantis standing upright. They are a selfless species, believing fully in the sacrifice for the greater good. They rarely commit to anything fully, and may have second thoughts. They have the closest alliance with the Narrasti, but recently have started doubting them. They currently vote war, but that may change.

There is a council made up of two representatives of each species. When the kids fall into Katerall, each one shares something with one of the species. Since the kids are able to get along with each other, they are the ruling council's hope for peace. Let's hope someone signs up for this. Not first come, first serve.


Age: (12-15)
Species they represent:
Reason they fall off the Golden Gate Bridge:

My Character:
Name: Chaim Parker
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species they represent: Tximinoak
Appearance: Shortish, messy, naturally white hair. Bright, electric blue eyes. He has pale skin, with a spray of freckles dusting his nose and cheeks. He's 5'3'', and has an athletic build. He also can't bear loud noises.
Personality: Energetic, enthusiastic, full of life. He loves to laugh, and enjoys helping people. He is not very good at public speaking, though, and is scared of the war. He finds the idea of killing repulsive.
Reason they fall off the Golden Gate Bridge: He lives in San Francisco and was going on a jog with his older brother Aaron heading to the Marin Headlands for some hiking. A crazy man on a bike was riding on the pedestrian side of the bridge, and knocked him over the rail. His older brother was devastated.
Family: Has two brother's, an older one (Aaron) and a younger one (Elam). Both his parents are still alive.

I might have stolen some of this from the Xindi...

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