Is it love?

Is it really love im feeling, well you tell me one thing. Then tell me another?

Chapter 1

Nice to meet you

by: lucyan
" Hello said Charlotte on her first day of her new secondary school, she was talking to the bus driver whilst showing her bloomsdery secondary school pass so she could board the bus. The bus driver murmured in a grumpy voice "herllro" he said Charlotte stared at the strange man who seemed to have a lime green booger poking from his nose and as she noticed it the bus driver started the bus and flew back! A boy from behind her got up and offered Charlotte a seat next to him. "Hello" the boy said " Im Jack, pay no attention to the bus driver hes just moody. I mean cmon he has to put up with all of us" Charlotte and Jack both laughted. "Im Charlotte im new at this school" Charlotte had a humungous grin on her face. She had made her first friend.

The bus was really loud and everyone had their seats. Goths at the back populours at the front 4 seats leaning over the chairs and flicking gum at everyone, nerds in the middle. And i guess normals else where. I dont know what i would be considered. Anyways it was only my first day so who knows what could happen i could even become a popular!

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