So.. I've been making a lot of deep/sad poems recently.. I decided to make a bit of a happier one!
So here is to living in the present even when times seem tough, it always gets better and in the meantime, don't forget to smile.



Chapter 1


When the world seems to be down,
it is so easy to frown
because you are lost in a darkness
feeling broken and heartless.

Though the light is more simple than it seems
and all you have to do is change the extremes;
you may think that it's untrue or even vile
but all you have to do is show a smile.

It's as light as a feather
and it can tie so many strings together,
yet it's almost impossible to always hold
and when you don't you feel no better than mold.

A smile could be the single answer
to rid the world of all the monsters,
so grin when you have that chance
and never forget to take your time to dance.

People say we only live once
so be who you are and don't act like a dunce.
Every moment there's a silver lining
and somewhere in the world a smile is shining.

So smile and be okay
we all know there's a time where life turns to grey
but in the meantime don't forget to smile
and life just might be worthwhile.



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