45 Questions Repost

Chapter 1

Questions and answers

by: Turnader
1. Dream Job? Meteorologist/Climatologist
2. your Last words? idk um i guess this is it
3. What would you do with a million dollars/pounds? Get a new house and car and still have enough to pay for college.
4. Dream House? Beach front, $ bedroom, 3 bath house. Nice Kitchen with granite counter tops, finished basement. and a huge hidden room in a closet like at my aunt's house that would be my room. Huge Porch! Porches matter! Big Yard but not too big and its gotta have tress. Like a mini forest of my own to go into and a treehouse in it.
5. Dream Guy? Likes the same things i do, cute, has money for our kids.
6. Fav super power and why? i would like the ability to blow things up!
7. Most embarrassing moment? When i get emotional in front of everybody.
8. Fav famous person (living or dead)? Zedd! i absolutely love zedd! and he can be qualified as famous now because he is now the first OWSLA person to be on the radio! so yup everybody knows him now!
9. Fav pizza toppings? Mushrooms!
10. What's your worst nightmare? Idk.
11. If someone farted what would you say? Nothing
12. Do you have a younger bro or sis? yes and he is really annoying right now!
13. If your mom was having a baby, what would your reaction and why? Nooo! i already have a one little sibling i don't need another!
14. What is your favourite show(s)? Seinfeld, the Big Bang Theory
15. Why? Because its the funniest show EVER! and the greatest show of all time according to TV guide! yup! Seinfeld is #1. it even beat I love Lucy
16. Do you have a pet? no
17. What sort is it? i dont have one
18. What is it's name? I dont have one!
19. What is your mom's name? Brandy
20. What is your dad's name? Kevin
21. What is your Bro, Sis' name? Jacob
22. How many times do you eat fruit a day? maybe 2-3 times a day? i love fruit!
23. How many times a week do you eat take out or take away? Never
24. What time do you go to bed? 10:30-11:00
25. Favourite colours? purple
26. Do you like pink? yes
27. Do you like blue? Yes
28. What are you allergic to? idk
29. How old are you? 15
30. Are you American? Yes
31. Are you Australian? No
32. What is your dream overseas place? Um like a country? i really wanna go to Costa Rica.
33. Do you like Math? Not really depends
34. Do you like History? yes
35. Do you like English? I love it
36. What is your enemies name? I don't have any
37. What is your Best friend's name? Naomi
38. Do you have a laptop or a computer? Yes im on one right now aren't i?
39. Do you have an IPad or IPod? iPod
40. Do you have minecraft? No
41. When is your birthday? December 20th and HATE IT!
42. Can you dance? No
43. Which level are you on, on Candy Crush? Dont play it
44. What music do you listen too? Dubstep and electro House. a lot of DJs and Producers.
45. Favourite take out shop? What is that..?

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