All-Star Contestants (Game Time)

Here we go

Chapter 1

The Terms and Conditions

by: Cam12
Okay here we go, the moment a lot of people have been waiting for. Who got into the game show. We decided to end the deadline because we weren't getting anymore nominations.

Here are the rules:

- Alliances are allowed (Got a few questions about that)
- You must take the Quizes
- Once your eliminated, you can't spoil any thing you find out
- Please no racism or sexism (This includes making fun of the guys)
- Teaming up agaisnt players is also allowed

And there have been some changes. This is a team game so that means we have to separate into three teams. Not just two anymore. Teams deciding will happen later on.

Another change is the person who gets the highest score will be the person who puts up the two people on the chopping block. These two people will then write a story to see if they can get off the block. The person with the best story will be removed from the chopping block and the person who put them up will have to replace them.

Voting will be down privately and when that is over, I will announce to everyone the results. The person will be removed from the game. The remaining contestants will then write messages only the removed person will see (Besides me and Lexi.) The losing contestant then will get interviewed by their coach, (Me, Lexi, or Taran.)

If you are on the following list, all you have to do is say I have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to them. Then you post it in the comments with a pic you want to use as your Icon (Please, no black and white.

And finnaly the list of contestants. If you aren't on the list, you may be on the backup one. If you aren't then ask us if you got nominated, and we will tell you:

Here we go:
1. Sorceress150
2. cin86
3. hnardiello
4. CaptainCookiez
5. Linde
6. darkxXxside
7. A_Small_Drop
8. QuoteGal
9. fireworks356
10. athetictitanfrom12
11. hera1432
12. Angel_of_Music
13. mellingersarah
14. Beingdauntless
15. aleamellark
16. AwesomeOK1
17. hollowoz
18. Alexis117
19. yutty
20. volleyballgirl527
21. Blemarooney
22. EstherRoxie
23. torn_into_pieces
24. bewarethenargle
25. pinkyfreckles
26: bigfootluver123

Lets get this thing started.

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