Jesse and Nikole

Jesse and Nikole

this is about a girl meeting the celebrity of her dreams

Chapter 1

meeting and dinner

by: xscape

The day is October 24th 2013 and Nikole was in her most favorite place in the world Disneyland. She was walking around the park thinking when out of nowhere so=he looks up and sees him. The guy of her dreams, Jesse McCartney and he was just as gorgeous in person. She ran up to him out of breath and said “Hi I’m Nikole I’ve been a fan for 10 years will you please sign this and can I get a picture with you?” Jesse just laughed and sighed “10 years huh? You still look young how old are you?” “Well I’m 17 and yes that does mean I've loved your music since I was seven but in my defense I was a very mature seven year old” Jesse about lost it at that point “well I'm 26 now so that makes you nine years younger than me man do I feel old.” Being the open mouthed teenager she was Nikole couldn’t keep her mouth shut and said “ well for 26 your still super sexy especially in Army Wives I love a man in uniform” by this point Jesse was blushing and speechless so Nikole kind of mumbled a “thanks” and turned to walk away. But just before she disappeared Jesse grabbed her hand and Nikole felt a piece of paper slide into her hand just before they got separated by the swarms of people. Nikole slipped the paper in her pocket and made herself get home before she opened it on fear of losing it. After about an hour Nikole was finally able to open the note and it read
“Dear miss Beautiful Soul I would like to meet up again I’m only in LA for 3 more days and then I head back to Charleston to continue filming Army Wives for a few weeks, call me please 619-555-1234
Much Love <3Jesse Mac”

Nikole was beyond happy and super stoked I mean a celebrity was asking to see her again! This was surreal something that only happens in fairy tales her dream was coming true! Nikole pulled out her phone and dialed Jesse’s number it kept ringing and ringing and just when she thought he wasn’t going to answer she heard his voice “Hello?” “Jesse?, um hi this is Nikole from Disneyland” “Oh hi, I was hoping you would call me like I said I would really like to meet you again somewhere more private and get to know you” Nikole was speechless and didn’t know what to say “I would love too, just tell me when and where?” “Great how about my place in about an hour and a half and dress semi formal “okay I’ll see you tonight I can’t wait to see you again but one question how do I get to your place?” “Oh well I was going to have my driver pick you up if you were okay with that.” “That’ll work” so Jesse and Nikole exchanged addresses and his driver picked her up right on time just like he said. When Nikole got to Jesse’s house she was kind of shocked to see that his house wasn’t over the top it was just like any other house. Nikole was so nervous she froze up and couldn’t take another step.. “deep breaths youll be fine” she kept repeating to herself. All of the sudden the door swung open and there he stood looking sexy in all black. “Are you okay you are looking a bit pale” “oh yeah I'm fine I'm just a bit nervous I mean you were my idol I look up to you and want to be just like you and here I am at your place just getting to hang out! I'm not quite sure what to do with myself.” Jesse reached out his hand and intertwined them with Nikole and kead her into his house. He showed her all around the house they started down stairs as he showed her the sitting room, the kitchen and where the rest rooms were. Then he took her up the stairs and showed her the guest room and the master bedroom. He led her through the master bedroom out the side doors which led to a beautiful balcony that was lit only by candle light and hanging decorative lights. “Jesse its beautiful out here” Nikole gasped. “well I'm glad you like it I spent practically all day on it after we met”


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