my story

my really nice friend said that i should write a story so here it is!!!

Chapter 1

i love you

a little girl was walking on the streets one night. she looked sad and alone and nobody liked her. she had no friends and nobody loved her she was very sad. then she saw a boy on the other side of the street. he looked very sad and alone to. so she went over to him but he walked away! go away from me he said to the poor girl. but the poor girl loved him alot so she would not walk away. she kept following him and trying not to let him see her because she was afraid that he would see her and be very mean to her again. so she followed him all night. it started raining so the girl and boy started to get very wet there hair was drippy and went but the girl didnt really care because she really loved that guy. at the end of the night she told the guy i love you and the guy looked scared. then he said i love you to and they were both happy. TEN YEARS LATER they have 5 kids and they live in a nice home togheter. the end i hope you liked my love story i will write more storys if you want.


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