Make a Wish (A Harry Styles fanfic/ love story)

Lexi isn't your average teenager her, she has to face and go through problems and things no child or human being should go through, it soon takes her happiness away but then she meets the wonderful amazing Harry styles changing her depressed mood back into the happier person she used to be.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"This is different..." I said as I studied my new hair style. Well, I guess head style. Considering I just shaved my head.

I looked at my reflection, scanning my mom in the background of the hand mirror,smiling down at me. It was more of a sympathetic smile though.

I sighed, my eyes were golden brown, staring back at me. I didn't have eyelashes, my skin pale. I looked horrible.

Before I had ever got diagnosed with my rare sarcoma, and going through chemotherapy, I was an average 17 year old girl, crushing on the newest heartthrob, and hanging out with friends, full of life.

Things have changed in just a matter of weeks.


"Lexi, are you okay?!" My close friend, Kaitlin, asked as I grabbed at the side of my upper thigh. Sharp pains, stabbed at my thigh. Me cringing and holding it try to stop.

"Mhm" I said through clenched teeth, the pain getting stronger.

"Mrs. Clempton!!" Kaitlin screamed fear in her voice. My mothers footsteps was heard as she quickly made it down the long hallway. She could tell something was wrong.

"What is it? What's wrong, girls?" She replied while stepping into my room. I looked up at her threw my long eyelashes, eyebrows furrowed.

"Are you okay?" Was my mother's shaking voice. My pain ceased down a bit. My gripped loosed from my thigh.

"Fine now." I said harshly, because they just stood there. What else were the supposed to do though?

"Thank you." I sighed standing up. I instantly fell to the ground, the soft carpet rubbing against my legs. Pain coming again.

My mother called the ambulance because I could hear sirens. I looked at myself through my mirror, long brown hair, big golden brown eyes, full of life.

End of flashback

We realized it was a rare sarcoma, and I had to be put on chemotherapy immediately. So here I sit, staring at my reflection with no hair, because the chemotherapy had took it.

"I guess I'll just have to deal with it." I said rudely as I pushed my weak body from the chair. I hated having cancer, always to weak to do anything, always to sick to go anywhere.

"Thank you." I said to the lady who had shaved my head. I tried to stay positive most of the time, but most times I get too saddened, until I saw the curly headed boy, with the most beautiful face and the perfect shade of popping green eyes.

The boy had appeared on the TV, a few feet away from me. He smiled saying something about a tour coming up.

I smiled, in a trance of his beauty. His smile was contagious, straight and comforting. Four other boys stood beside him. Their accents strong. I noticed one was different. Irish.

I stood there smiling goofily at the TV, until it changed to a commercial.

"They're One Direction. Aren't they adorable?!" The hairstylist around the age of 25 chimed.

I nodded in agreement, still thinking of the curly headed boy's smile.

"What's their names?" I asked still smiling.

"The blonde with the Irish accent is Niall. Dark mysterious one, his name is Zayn. Louis is the boy in the red pants and stripes. Liam, the one with the short light brown hair. Harry, is the curly headed boy." She explained while pointing to the picture on her phone. "My favorite is Liam." She added locking her screen.

"I like Harry." I said smiling, thinking of his beautiful features.

We soon left, heading to a hat store. I smiled, still infatuated with Harry. I picked out a few soft and colorful beanies.

I slipped one on, as we headed out of the store. I hoped no one I recognized would see me. I didn't want anyone to see me like this.

"Make A Wish called today, while you were sleeping." My mother said as she clicked her seat belt in, then putting the car in drive.

"What's that?" I asked confused, I've never heard of it before, probably another foundation for kids with cancer.

"You can wish for anything that would please you. Such as going somewhere, or meeting someone." She explained as she only looked over a couple times, eyes mostly on the road.

I smiled, instantly Harry appeared on my mind. I could meet him, and actually be able to look into his eyes, and see his smile right before me.

"Oh, that's awesome." I said picturing myself meeting the band, and bonding with them. What was I thinking? None of them would go for me, I have cancer, no hair, pale, weak and skinny body. While other girls beautiful, and full of energy.

I sighed sadly, knowing I'll never have a chance them. It'd still be cool to meet them though. I smiled as we entered into our driveway. Planning to go to lay in bed with my laptop, and research more about Harry.

Okay, so what do you think? I know boring now, but it'll get better soon, promise! =)

P.S. so please no hate, I know the boys would give a girl with cancer a chance, (well so I think and am sure they would) it's just a story. =)

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