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Imagine yourself in prehistoric times, in outer space, or even in another dimension. In this story, a group of 6 teenage friends (3 girls and 3 boys) come across a mysterious box with a power that is remarkable. The box holds the power of transporting anything to any place, in any time period. What happens though when the friends come across this box? What happens when they use it too much and they get stuck in a world that they don't want to live in? What will happen if the group of 6 starts to separate because of drama that comes when there is fear and maybe jealousy in the group? Can the 6 reunite in hopes to get home?

So come join me and meet the aliens, maybe the dinosaurs, or maybe the opposites of our characters. I need fast writers because I’m only giving people a week or 2 so this story could keep on going until the very end. This is NOT first come first serve, I will pick the people who I know can write and I know will stick with the story or whose character will fit the best within the plot.

Character Information

Age: (16-17)
Link to The Character: (I want to make a title page for this story)
Position In Group: (Leader, Dreamer, Rebel, Listener, Peacemaker, Ditz, Hopeless Romantic, etc)
Family Background:
Love Interest: (optional)

My Character
Name: Maya Lynn Karlson
Nickname: May
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Has a late July Birthday)
Appearance: Warm golden brown straight hair, her hair is close to her waist, has bangs but they are always pulled back somehow, teal eyes that always have a thoughtful look to them, fair skin, faint freckles splattered across her nose, never really frowns, but hardly ever grins.
Link to the Character:
Personality: Stubborn, timid, anxious, humble, unfocused, sensitive, thoughtful, down-to-earth, kind, caring, a dreamer, optimistic, and sometimes moody
Position in Group: Dreamer
Family Background: Parents are divorced but still on good terms, she lives with her mom with her three older brothers and one younger sister. She’s closest to her brother Mitch, who is her twin and 5 minutes older, a pretty normal family that has the normal disagreements and conflicts.
Likes: laughter, dreams, light, music, the arts (any form), nature, and sweets
Dislikes: drama, fights, the dark, bullies, liars, and negative feelings
Fears: Losing track of the light, failure, losing loved ones, fire, nightmares, and the dark
Love Interest: a boy character if possible

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