Funny conversations I have with my siblings/parents!

Chapter 1


So, first of all, you should know who all my siblings are and such!!
Cora: 22
Elijah: 21
Mariah: 18 (MB95)
Me: 14
Charlotte: 12 (IAintNamedBob)
Roderick: 5

Sooooo, here;s a conversation I had!

Elijah: Sometimes I wish the computer wasn't invented, because every time I look at you, you're on your computer, and when I want to tell you something really important, you just sit there, and don't listen to me, like now. But you aren't that stupid, I mean, you have to be listening to me now, you're just too stubborn to admit it, or are you that stupid?

Me: Shut your mouth up!

Elijah: Awww, poor baby Esther, I made you mad...

Me: Sighs loudly, and growls at Elijah.

Elijah: Just stands there laughing...

Another conversation, haha. :)

Roderick: Why are you so skinny?

Me: Why are you so fat?

Roderick: I'm not fat, I just got muscles.

Me: How'd you become so muscular, bub?

Roderick: I eat lots of chicken nuggets. So to be like me, you just gotta eat at McDonalds.

Me: Not if I don't wanna throw up...

Roderick: You puke ALL the time!

Me: I DO NOT!! I never throw up.

Roderick: Starts to strangle me

Me: Oh brother, not again... Starts strangling back, tickling him, and making him laugh

Roderick: Giggles loudly, and starts tickling me

Me: Okay, okay you win!!


Me: You are mine! kisses his head

Roderick: Eww gross, cooties!!!!

Another one, this is funny!!

My mom farts.

Me: Why does she have to be so gross?

Cora: Who?

Me: Mom, she passed gas, I'm glad I don't get that from her.

Cora: You fart all the time, except for it doesn't come out of your butt, it comes outta your mouth.

Me: What do you mean?

Cora: When you sing!!

Me: Well at least mine don't stink...

Cora: I'd rather smell a fart than listen to you sing.

Me: Okay...

This one is super funny!!!

We're in the van on the way to the gospel meeting.

Dad: What's the lesson about?

Mom: The women's roles in the church.

Roderick: You mean those boobie things?

Everyone starts laughing.

Roderick: What are you laughing at? Aren't women's roles those big nipple things?

Me: Starts laughing so hard until I can't breathe.

Haha, this one is pretty funny. :)

Mariah, Roderick and I are watching Charlotte play Mario Kart Wii.

Me: Why are you being Boo? I thought you didn't like him.

Charlotte: I like him.

Me: I'm always King Boo.

Roderick: Yeah Charlotte!

Charlotte: So, I can be King Boo too.

Mariah: Yeah.

Me: No, only I can be King Boo.

Roderick: Yeah!

Me: Hey, I just thought of something, if there were two King Boos right next to each other, wouldn't that actually be King Boobs? Because King Boo is big and round and fat, and kinda looks like a boob, so two, would equal King Boobs.

Roderick: Boobs? You mean those big things girls have?

Mariah: Esther...

Me: What?

Mariah: You are just... gross...

Charlotte: Laughs hysterically.

Me: Now she's got a sense of humor.

We were eating lunch and talking about Jeff, a guy we know who is in the hospital, and we were were talking about diseases and such...

Roderick: What if someone had a disease where it makes them annoying and fat? Like you Daddy, you're annoying and fat.

Dad: What?

Everyone laughs

Roderick: And Esther, you have a disease that makes you cool!

Me: Aww, thanks bud, and you have a disease that makes you an awesome little brother!

Charlotte: What kind of disease do I have Roderick?

Roderick: One that makes your head big.

Everyone laughs except Charlotte

Lol, here is another.

Mom: Why are you so quiet today Esther?

Me: I'm not being quiet... Mariah, am I being quiet?

Mariah: No, hahahahahaha! (Mariah's always laughing) You're not being quiet.

Cora: You just haven't been by her, she's been hanging out with me and Mariah.

Mom: Esther's the only one I've taken any pictures of too, she's the only on who'll let me.

Cora: That's because she wants to show off her new wig!

Mom: Stop it, her hair looks nice.

Cora: What...? Elijah agrees with me.

Mom: I'm gonna pinch your butt.

Cora tries pinching her butt

Cora: It wont work, my butt is too hard.

Mariah: Are you pinching your butt?

Cora: I'm trying to.

Mariah: So you're just going to walk around pinching your butt?

Cora: What? It's fun!

Mariah and I laugh hysterically.

We're in the car on road trip, we were really bored, so we decided to play 20 questions.

Elijah: Okay, I thought of something.

Charlotte: Is it sticky?

Elijah: No...

Mariah: Is it a butt?

Elijah: No...

Cora: Is it a sticky butt? A bubble butt, a sticky bubble butt? A front butt? Poop?

Elijah: No.

Cora: Is it a corndog?

Elijah: No.

Charlotte: Is it macaroni and cheese?

Elijah: No.

Cora: I know what it is, it's quick mac!!!

Elijah: How'd you guess?

Cora: Sighs I guess I just know you, Elijah.

I just sat there, listening to them for hours playing this stupid game... It got dumber and dumber every time, lol.


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