45 Questions

Yeah, just an insight i guess.

Chapter 1

The Questions

1. Dream Job? Lead Singer \m/
2. your Last words? Well I've never really thought about it. Never had time but maybe something inspiring and profound like "Keep the music alive bros, see ya world, I really loved you... for better or for worse. I really hope I changed you for better in one way or another and that you remember me not by appearance, name or even voice but the mark I've left on your soul. You're all beautiful but I have leave and go see daddy xx "
3. What would you do with a million dollars/pounds? Buy hardly anything, put most in a bank and help people around the world who need a random act of kindness.
4. Dream House? Hmm... a house on the outskirts of the city, very abstract and creative.
5. Dream Guy? Ehm. Or girl. Someone who likes the same music as me, in the same fandoms as me, really dark hair, maybe dyed a neon colour of some sort and green eyes and only slightly taller. Pecs but not really muscular.
6. Fav super power and why? NOPE and NOPE. I refuse to pick just one.
7. Most embarrassing moment? Hmmm... its not for children...
8. Fav famous person (living or dead)? I have 2: Oli Sykes and Misha Collins
9. Fav pizza toppings? Pepperoni, peppers, mozzerella
10. What's your worst nightmare? It's very very horrific and again, not for children.
11. If someone farted what would you say? Say nothing, back away. xD
12. Do you have a younger bro or sis? A younger bro.
13. If your mom was having a baby, what would your reaction and why? Bloody hell, dude, not at your age.
14. What is your favourite show(s)? Superwholock (Supernatural, Dr Who, Sherlock)
15. Why? They're all badass, do I need another reason???
16. Do you have a pet? Nope I did but mum made me give away our cat cause she's a snob towards animals... -__-
17. What sort is it? Cat
18. What is it's name? Speedy
19. What is your mom's name? Marva
20. What is your dad's name? Nigel
21. What is your Bro, Sis' name? Nigel
22. How many times do you eat fruit a day? None. Sometimes one.
23. How many times a week do you eat take out or take away? Once sometimes none.
24. What time do you go to bed? 1-3am on holidays, midnight on weekends and 10/11 on school days
25. Favourite colours? Black, blue, white
26. Do you like pink? Not really. It's okay in small quantaties.
27. Do you like blue? Yes
28. What are you allergic to? Bullshiit.
29. How old are you? 15
30. Are you American? Nope..
31. Are you Australian? No
32. What is your dream overseas place? Hey assbutt! You didn't even ask if I was from Britain! Whatever... hmm.. maybe Canada.
33. Do you like Math? Nope
34. Do you like History? yup
35. Do you like English? Kinda but my teacher is a douche.
36. What is your enemies name? The devil. My demons. My mum.
37. What is your Best friend's name? Chloe, Raz, Angel
38. Do you have a laptop or a computer? Yes I'm on one right now smartass
39. Do you have an IPad or IPod? iPod
40. Do you have minecraft? Nope ew
41. When is your birthday? September 24th
42. Can you dance? Family and friends SAY I can but I'm convinced that they're only being nice. Plus whenever I'm required to dance, they are usually drunk.
43. Which level are you on, on Candy Crush? Dont play it
44. What music do you listen too? I'm not a genre snob but its mostly rock.
45. Favourite take out shop? Hmmm, Papa John's Pizzeria! :D


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