What I like in a guy!

ive seen like a million of these so what the heck! :)

Chapter 1

Lets go!

Ok I like a guy with...

1. intelligence...if the guy isn't at least at my level of intelligence I don't like it

2. a sense of humor...they have to be able to make me laugh

3. I like bleach blond hair but solid black is even more hot hot hot!! :)

4. they have to like baseball or softball...im a hardcore softball player when season comes around so if they cant support me in that then byebye

5. I am also very into gaming so they gotta play video games with me, like MW3, soul caliber, army of two, games like that

6. they have to respect my family...if a guy disses my fam they are gonna get friggin punched...im the only one who disses my family

7. they have to be taller than me (which isn't hard to do since im very funsized) (^_^)

8. they have to be in shape...if we can work out together that's even better

9. they have to be able to cook cuz I am an absolutely TERRIBLE cook. (I feel so terrible for my world foods class!)

10. they have to be able to deal with me cuz I have really bad depression and its hard for ME to deal with so I need someone who will be there for me

11. hes got to be sweet and courteous not just to me but the people around him

that's what I like in a guy


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