What I like in a guy...

Chapter 1

So, lol....

Guys with blonde hair, they make me wanna dieeeeee.
Guys who are tall!
Guys who are shy.
Guys who blush.
Guys who wear bracelets.
Guys with accents.
Guys who like to hug.
Guys with spiky or curly hair.
Guys who are sensitive.
Guys with braces. (Weird, I know...)
Guys who smile a lot.
Guys who wink. (Lol, it's very cute)
Guys who are immature. (In a cute way, not an annoying way)
Guys who care.
Guys who always know when something's wrong.
Guys who cry.
Guys who flirt easily.
Guys with a cute sense of humor.

I'll probably list a few more later, but right now I gotta go do something important...................... So byeeeee!!!


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