I Found You - A One Direction Love Story

Chapter 1


“I found it” I began, my eyes boring into the floor and breath catching in my throat, as I attempted to will myself to continue. “You know that feeling that people talk about in movies? The one where it physically pains you to walk through life without that one person? That person who you come to completely rely on, who despite the fact that you tell yourself over and over again that they’re not integral to your existence, weasles their stupid way right into your heart until you can’t let them go” I continued painfully, as my eyes filled with tears, and lifted slowly until they rested on his own. “Because you fvcking did that!” I yelled. “You’re not good for me! And I know for a fact that I am about the worst possible thing for you as well!”

“Sam…” he began softly, his eyes not leaving mine despite the fact that all I wished for was that he would walk away, never to be seen again. So that I could rot away in shame and anonymity for the rest of my life.

“No!” I continued angrily, frustration pumping through my veins as I mentally cursed myself for being this stupid. For laying my heart on the line. And expecting something to become of it.

“Every moment that I continue to stand here, means that I’m doing the one thing that I promised myself I would never do! I wasn’t meant to fall for you!! I wasn’t meant to even be looking to become one of those weak individuals who believe in love! But you fvcking changed that, didn’t you?!!” I scoffed. “And I hate myself for giving into these feelings and believing even for a second, that you don’t matter to me!” I raged to a point where it was a miracle I was even still standing, as I shook with anger and frustrated tears cascaded down my cheeks.

“Because I love you” I breathed quietly, suddenly feeling weak as I realized what I had just admitted.

“Sammy, please….“ he began softly, his unreadable eyes trained on my own as he snaked his warm hand around my own. “I-“

“Don’t”, I whispered, barely audibly. “I know what you’re going to say, but I don’t want to hear it…. Not after all that” I choked as I felt a new wave of tears about to surface. “I just….. I needed you to know” my eyes welling up as I looked deep into the eyes that I’d come to love so much. That I also knew I’d never have. “That I found it, I mean” I continued with a defeated smile. “Even though I was beyond certain that it didn’t exist. I found it.”

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