Life Re-Post

I got this from Alex (SomePeopleDie).

Chapter 1


Repost by: Alexis117 (I got this from SomePeopleDie)

1: About yourself

Name: Remus
Nicknames: Remy, R.E.M, Wolfie (Elliott)
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Location: Got any chicken, GB
Grade: 8
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 99 lbs.
Blood Type: I dunno.
Birthday: 31st October
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Personality: Weird

2: Favorites

Favorite Day: Saturday
Favorite Number: 7 or 13
Favorite Word: Phantasmagorical
Favorite Food: Popsicles
Favorite Drink: Root Beer
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Favorite Movie: Right now? I'm gonna have to think... Maybe the new Star Trek
Favorite Type of Music: Pop
Favorite TV Show: Bridezillas or Star Trek
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Things to do: Write

3: Family
Who do you live with?: My parents and siblings
Do you like your family?: Yes
If you have siblings, do you love them or hate them?: I get annoyed by them, but I like them over-all
Do you have pets?: Yes, I have two dogs
What kind and what are their names?: Charley: a black and tan mutt with a curly tail Liza (Wog): white and very licky, mutt

4: Friends and Enemies

How many friends do you have?: A few
Who is your best friend?: I dunno
Anyone you hate?: Yes
What do you do with your friends?: Explore, laugh, have a good time
What do you do with your enemies?: Try to ignore their taunts
Do you make friends often?: Laugh

5: Love and Relationships

Do you have a crush?: Yes.
Available?: Yes.
Kissed before?: No
Made out before?: No
Anything else?: No
(Ignore these questions if you are single)
Do you love your boyfriend/girlfriend?:
Would you marry your boyfriend/girlfriend?:
Would you go "all the way" with your boyfriend/girlfriend?:
Are you happy with your boyfriend/girlfriend?:
(Ignore these questions if you are taken)
Are you happy single?: Very
Do you have a dream boyfriend/girlfriend?: Yes
Do you want to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Maybe in a few years

5: School

Favorite class/subject?: English or French
Least favorite?: Maths
Prep,Goth, Nerd, etc?: Eccentric kid
Do you like school? Why or why not?: Yes and no. I like to learn, but I dislike alot of people in my year because they pick on me and my mates.
Favorite thing about school?: Learning
Least favorite?: Most of the other children

6: Other

Anything you would like people to know?
I like...



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