Story Contest!

Chapter 1

Story Contest

Okay, so, here's how this will go. I'm gonna give you a broad topic and you're going to write a story that fits that topic. I will judge it by grammar, spelling, originality, and by my personal judgment of the story itself. Now, before you start worrying about the "personal judgment" part, I wanna tell you that I'm not really picky about the way a story goes. If it keeps me interested and if the characters are relatable, I'll be able to give a good review. Now I don't know about you, but I write to please myself, not others, and usually, those kinds of stories- the ones that bring joy to the writer- are the best. You can really tell if the writer is into it or not. So try to enjoy it.

Now, here's your topic: Adventure. Write something exciting. This topic is very broad, because almost anything can be considered an adventure story. Action, rebellion, even horror. So, yes, adventure, I think, is the perfect topic. I'm not limiting you too much, but I'm not telling you to write just anything.

After I read the stories, I will make my judgments and give them each a rating. I will post a list with the stories and their ratings. The top three ratings will win. Yes, I know its a very simple contest, but I've never done this before.

1. No fanfiction.
2. Must have at least three chapters.
3. No text language.

The deadline is two weeks from tomorrow. Any one can enter. Tag it with NSC1 (Nikki's Story Contest 1). Good luck!


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