My Rant Book

I'm not calling it "The Book of Rants" because I know about two other people who have already named it that and I feel like I would be copying. This probably will offend you, because I'm offensive like that so just read on at your own will.

Chapter 1

Contents page

Chapter 1: Contents Page
Chapter 2: When people call "One Direction" and "JLS" bands.
Chapter 3: When people unfriend/unfollow you for the littlest of things.
Chapter 4: Mainstream emos.
Chapter 5: Copy cats.
Chapter 6: Self esteem
Chapter 7: People who pretend to be a celebrity.
Chapter 8: Encouraging Suicide.
Chapter 9: Shouldn't we all just focus on being friends with nice people?
Chapter 10: Nobody hates labels and other stuff...
Chapter 11: My step-dad
Chapter 12: Being a Satanist...
Chapter 13: People just need to research before they make a quiz...
Chapter 14: The amount of crap I get in my inbox.
Chapter 15: Bloody Facebook Messenger
Chapter 16: When people think a genre of a band is an opinion + a mix of other stuff.

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