Chapter 1


by: RIP_Tom
It started in the back room,
Crying on the sofa.
She though that it was can-cool,
But it's really Cancún,
Girl I gotta have you.
You said that you loved, me you'd never leave my sight,
I thought the same until you said last night!
She says that she hates me, asks why I believed,
I whispered in her ear 'the mind can be deceived'.
I wanted out of it and planned my own death,
But that girl has poisoned me like the plot in Macbeth!
Knife in hand I take the strike,
As a girl fell off her bike,
Watching blood seep through the gaps,
As her brain sets several traps.
Cracks in the floor soak up the blood,
There she appears in a darkened hood.
'Complication is power,
Won't you stay for another hour?'
She whispered, the wind on her lips,
Even now, I still feel her hips.



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