Soooooooo freaked out!!!! :/

Chapter 1


Okay, so lately DD (Roxie_and_Daisy) and I have been experiencing really freaky creepy things! Having to do with TGG!!!

Okay, so it all started with the encounter we both had with TBD, we believe it was on the same night. She came to both of us. At first she looked like an angel, but she deceived us, because her face is actually more like a demon than anything. She seemed so kind, and then BOOM!! Not so kind...

We both had forgotten about that night, and then slowly, over the years, it started coming back to us! We remembered things and details we had never thought of before! Like how her eyes were pure evil, they were humongous, and misshapen.

Then, soon after we remembered all this, weird things started happening... When we'd talk on the phone, it would always hang up on it's own. And there was nothing wrong with either of our phones, because when other people would use the phones, they wouldn't hang up! Then there were all the calls with no answers, and how it would always say I was online on gmail when I wasn't, and same with DD.

Then one day, DD and I were staying up all night, and all this weird stuff started happening!! I somehow managed to watch 10 half hour episodes of a show in like less than an hour!!! (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW!!!) And then DD and I forgot what day of the week it was, and it seemed like we were lost in time! And the skies were getting lighter, and it was storming, and WE COULD SEE THE LIGHT!!!! (I know I sound crazy...) Then our siblings started acting weird, like my sister was all like "Do you see the light?" and I was all "What do you mean...?" and she wouldn't answer me. I came back to her a few seconds later and said, "Were you just talking to me?" She claimed she wasn't, and she didn't remember anything about the light!! Then DD's sister started acting really strange also, she was punching DD, and she said "I want go out there and see the light.."and my sister who was sleeping, sat up, pointed at me, and lay back down. (Her eyes were shut the whole time.) And then we both fell asleep for 15 minutes, but it seemed like hours!

Then after that night, DD and I had this really weird feeling for a few days, like TBD was coming again, like we'd see her, like she'd do something, something evil... But after a while, this feeling kind of went away.

So nothing too paranormal happened for the next few weeks, besides the phone hanging up on it's own and such... But one day DD and I were talking about zombies, and how much they freaked us out, and how creepy and evil and weird they were! And we talked about people who reminded us of zombies. We also said how we were glad TBD was just a ghost, and not zombie...

After this, and that same day, I started seeing this creepy girl in my sister's room. She was wearing a grey dress, she had stringy brownish blondish hair, she was barefoot, and clearly NOT a ghost, she looked more like a corpse... I'd see her for only a second, and then she'd vanish! DD saw her too, outside, and she looked just the same! The odd thing is, we were never able to see her face, she was always in some position where her face was hid.

Then DD started hearing things, she heard her saying her name, "Delilah..." it sounded like an old woman, but also a kid at the same time... Same thing about how she looks, she looks like an old woman, but a kid too!! It's really weird!!!

We also had these weird feelings like a zombie was present, and then we'd smell this awful smell of rotting flesh!!! It would always only be when we were outdoors though.

Also, this may sound funny, but there are these weird people at our church, who seem very... odd. They actually seem like zombies, or at least me and DD think so. They never eat anything, and they're always all touchy feely, and they just look so creepy! They walk really slow, and never want to stay or participate in any of the church events...

So, last night, I woke up, and the door to my room was opened. I felt like someone was there, like I was being watched... So I looked over at the door, to find something creeping in, kind of crawling and dragging themselves! I knew right then and there it was TGG... It very slowly stood up, not facing me, as usual... It said "Esther........ Delilah........" Then slowly started turning around, about to reveal it's face, but I was soooo scared I hid under my covers. I felt a cold hand across my back, and I opened my eyes, everything was pitch black!

I know this probably makes me sound like a crazy person, haha, but it's all true, and I'm really freaked out at the moment!!! If you don't believe me, talk to DD ( about it.


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