Beard - Larry Stylinson Fanfic

Beard - Larry Stylinson Fanfic

Larry Stylinson - A bromance (or romance) between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles of One Direction. Their management wants them to keep it as a secret. So they hire a beard Kimberly. She is the "girlfriend" of Harry. She wants Larry to get out. But she can't tell anyone. Or, could she? Kimberly also likes Louis ( a lot) but Louis hates her for some reason. (Btw, I'm not saying this is real or Larry is real, just fan fic!)

Chapter 1

Larry is real

Kimberly's P.O.V :

I am the #1 directioner in the world. I stalk 1D. I love 1D. I adore 1D. I would die for 1D. I was excited when I got to work for Simon. I was his assistant. It's 7 am and I'm walking to work.

I was wearing this :

Once I walked in to my job Simon said :

"You're late."

I looked at my watch. I was 20 minutes late.

"Sorry It won't happen a-"

"I need to talk to you in my office."

I followed Simon in his office.

"Take a seat." He said.

I sat down in the empty chair next to Harry and Louis. OMG OMG OMGGG! I'm next to 2/5 of my husbands!

"Ok," Simon said. "As you heard there is something called Larry Stylinson."

I nodded.

"Well, it is real." Simon said.

I turned at Harry and Louis and my jaw dropped.

"Anyway, they need a beard and we want you to be it."

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yep. You can be Harry's."

I smiled and looked at Harry.

"Thank you! This is awesome!"

"Please, don't actually fall for him." Louis said.

"I'm a fan, I fell for all 5 of you."

Louis smirked.

"What's your name?" Harry asked.

"Kimberly Williams."

"Can I call you Kitty or Kim?" Harry asked.

"Course." I said.

Harry's P.O.V

She was pretty and seemed nice, but Louis is mine. Louis is my type.

Louis took my hand and said : "Haz, lets get going"

I walked out with Louis and waved goodbye to Kim. Simon gave me her number on my way out.

~5:03 PM~

Me : Hey

Kim : Hi Harry

Me : Wanna come over?

Kim : Sure

Me : Yay, here's our address : _______________St.

Kim: :D K, be there soon.

Kim's P.O.V

What to wear? What to wear?

Ooo! I put on this :

~Harry and Louis' Flat~

"Hi!" Harry said.

"Hey." I said.

Louis walked downstairs, he was shirtless.

"Oh,..... hi Kimberly."

"Hi Louis."

"Lou maybe you should put on a shirt." Harry said.

"Yeah, I didn't know she was coming so we can't have alone time."

Louis walked upstairs.

"You should check out the house." Harry said.

"Okay!" I walked upstairs.

I opened a door.

Louis was getting dress.

"Don't you knock?" Louis said.

"Sorry, you looked cute shirtless."

"Ok, but don't say that again. Only harry can."

"Sorry." I walked towards Louis, he didn't have his shirt on yet.

He sat on the bed and rolled his eyes at me.

I sat next to him and stared at him.

I kep moving closer , and closer, and closer. I was now on his lap.

I put my arms around Louis' neck and kissed him. I pushed him down on the bed still kissing him.

"KIMBERLY!" He yelled.

I forgot he was dating Harry!

"Sorry." I ran out the door.

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