Urban Dictionary Name Repost Thingy

Got this off Crazyshhhh and RueandMadge. Thought I'd try it.

(Sorry about all the special characters and stuff for the swear words, Quibblo is really cracking down on that.)

Chapter 1


by: Whizzeyes
OK, so I'm just going to replace my name with "D".

1. D

the coolest person ever she is awesome and is the best and the hottest

D is cool and is a fun person to be with

2. D

D is absolutely the most amazing person you will probably ever meet! She has an interest in creative things and loves being nice to people. She is also in the state of incredible hottness.

Dude: So, someone helped me open my locker today.
Chick: Who was it?
Dude: That girl D. She's really nice.
Chick: Oooooooh, yeaaaaaahhhh!! I know her, she's awesome.
Dude: And, she's incredibly hott.
Chick: Ugh!!! You @$$h0l£!

3. Dawesome hott incredible cool

4. D

the hottest person ever with a tight @*$... also known as a badger

ME: WHAT THE??!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!

.that D just bit that guy, wow what a daangerous animal
. wow that girl has a nice D

5. D

D is an awesome girl. She is super sweet and so rad. She is very inteligent and fun to be around. She always makes people laugh and shes got a gorgeous smile. D is very pretty on the inside and outside. She has the biggest heart in the world and is always there for her friends. She has a lot of compassion and is nice to everybody she meets. D is an all around awesome gal!

guy #1- yo do you know D?
guy #2- yeah man, shes mad awesome. i love her.
guy #1- same shes the best!
guy #2- yo back off shes mine!

6. D

A super hot girl who is totally bonerific. Defiantly bangable and has the biggest t*ts in the world. Super Hot and Sexy!!!!!

ME: Uh NO.

7. D

Most pretty, amazing, dorky, klutzy, cool, smart, awesome, musically oriented, nerdy, talented but shy person ever!(:

ME: Well, I am clumsy.

Man. She's such a COOL dork! What a D!

8. D

D - Irish word for Second
D - Male/Female name

D is a nice person

ME: WOW! OK, so almost NONE of them are me!


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