Straight Into My Heart ( A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

Straight Into My Heart ( A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

This is a Louis Tomlinson FanFic written by me and my great friend and amazing author StephanieStyles1! Please comment, favourite and rate 5 stars! :)
The main character's name is Mackenzie. She is a shy 18 year old girl, who met an amazing boy named Louis while shopping for her little sister's birthday.
She had never believed in love at first sight until she experienced it herself...
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Chapter 1

Who's that cute cashier?

~Louis's P.O.V.~

YES! Only one more hour until closing! It has been a long day of ringing up people's toys, making change, and groaning about how boring work is, so I am SO ready to get back home to my flat and just relax!

A frustrated mother snapped me out of my thoughts.
"We haven't got all day!" She said rudely. "Don't sass her, don't sass her, don't sass her..." I thought in my head, I was already almost fired for being sassy to a customer, so I couldn't let that happen again.

I took a deep breath said "Sorry" politely, and scanned her transformer action figures. (For her son I would assume) As soon as she was out of the range of hearing I muttered under my breath "I hate my job..."

Suddenly from my station, I noticed a beautiful girl walking through the front door. She had long blonde hair, and was wearing a pretty yellow sun dress.
All of a sudden, she glanced my way! I quickly turned my head and tried to make it look like I was busy actually working....

~Mackenzie's P.O.V~

Toys R' Us closes in Less then 30 minutes and I still haven't found a birthday gift for my little sister, Jayda. I have searched everything from Nerf guns to Barbie dolls, but still haven't found anything that would be perfect her.

Just as I'm looking in the Littlest Pet Shop section, I hear the dreaded message on the intercom... "Toys R' Us will be closing In 5 minutes" I make the quick decision of going back to the Barbies and picking a few of them, but that isle is all the way across the store!

As I start to walk I hear.... "Toys R' Us is now closed, thank you for your service!" Ugh! I glance at my watch: 9:00. Well I guess I will have to come here early in the morning, and I'm NOT a morning person.

Suddenly I see a Segway speeding around the corner and coming straight at me! I try to jump out of the way but I trip over my own feet and fall onto the floot right in the middle of the hallway.

"Ouch!" I say quietly. Then I hear a concerned voice rambling on. " Oh my god! Are you OK? I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! Are you bleeding?
I am so sorry! You can pick any free toy you want to make up for this."

" I'm fine.." I mutter before he helps me up. I look up at him pacing around, trying to figure out what to do and I realize that he is actually really cute! He has soft, messy, brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. He was wearing a blue and white striped shirt and red jeans.

"Need a lift?" He asked sweetly, gesturing at the Segway. "Sure!" I blushed. I think I'm crushing!

"By the way, I'm Louis!" He laughed adorably "Sorry about the bad first impression." "It's fine. I'm Mackenzie!" I said quietly (I have always wished I could be more outgoing, I HATE being shy) I stepped on the Segway and because it was my first time, Louis stood behind me and steered. It was weird that I had just met him and I already felt so safe in his arms.

"Where to?" Louis asked, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Well, I'm here shopping for my 6 year old sister's birthday, and I think I'm going to give her a Barbie."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Passes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~Louis's P.O.V~

We were driving back to the check-out and Mackenzie had an armful of Barbies. I can say this is the most fun I've EVER had at work. We spent around an hour riding the Segway and running through the halls, shooting each other with Nerf guns. We even had a pool noodle war! Mackenzie is kind of quiet but she is really fun the be around! I really want to ask for her number, but an amazing girl like her would never like a guy like me so there isn't really a point.

"MR. TOMLINSON!!!" A deep voice thundered out from behind me... It was my boss. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOUIS???" "Sorry..." Was all I could think to say. "PACK UP YOUR THINGS AND GET OUT OF HERE!" He yelled. "Yes sir..." I replied.

"Sorry" Mackenzie whispered once my boss left. " It's not your fault, and anyways I get in trouble all the time! He won't fire me for this, I have done a LOT worse." She laughed. She had a really cute laugh! "So how much do I owe you?" She asked, looking at the pile of Barbies in her bag.

"Take them for free!" I said "It's the least I can do for knocking you over..." Her face brightened "Thank you so much Louis!" Before I could prepare, she threw her arms around me in a genuine hug. She was so sweet it was killing me.

"LOUIS!" I heard my boss calling from another room. " Well bye" Mackenzie blushed. She was so beautiful, and it was so cute when she blushed! "Bye!" I answered.

"HURRY UP MR. TOMLINSON!!!" My boss called. "COMING!" I yelled back. Mackenzie slipped me a small piece of paper and waved as she walked out the doors. I unfolded the white paper and found a neatly printed message..._________________________
l Thanks for the fun night! l
l ~Mackenzie l
l Cell #: **-*-*** l

I am definitely glad I came to work today!


~Author's Note~
Hi everyone! :) This is my first time writing a FanFic AND my first group story. So, please don't hate me if it's horrible. I'm sure StephanieStyles1's chapter will be much better! :P

Thanks for the read, and please comment rate and favourite! :)

~Lizzie <3

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