The Cure Is Love

Isolde and Scareltt are twin sisters.But you can't tell it. Isolde is like dark and Scarlett like day. When it comes to their personalities... and their health.
When Isolde meets Zane from One Direction, her sister begs her to take his offer for a date but Isolde won't get close to anyone after she receives terrible news from her doctor.

Chapter 1

Not Worth The Risk

"Scarlett, do you remember what else mom said she needed?" Isolde asked her sister. Scarlett came rushing by her like a child on Christmas. She rushed over to the eggs and picked up a large carton of eggs. "These!" She said. Scarlett -without looking- started to rush back over to the buggy without looking. "Scarl-" Isolde started but it was too late when Scarlett ran into a boy. Eggs splattered and ran down his chest. Isolde hung her head in embarrassment. "I'm. So. Sorry!" Scarlett exclaimed with her cheeks turning rose red. The guy laughed. "It's okay. An honest mistake." He said. Isolde approached. Scarlett stared at the boy for a moment. His dark hair was spiked on his head. He was taller than she and Isolde. "I know you! You're Zayn!" Scarlett exclaimed. Isolde looked at her sister. "Yes. I am Zayn. And who are you lovely ladies?" He asked. Isolde's eyes flashed up at him and then to the ground. He looked at her, waiting patiently for her to answer.
"I'm Scarlett and this is my sister Isolde." Scarlett stated. "Isolde?" He repeated in question looking at Isolde. She looked at him and nodded. "His voice saying my name sounds strange. So strange." Isolde thought. "Scarlett, we better be going. Zayn, I'm so sorry for the whole incident. My apologies." Isolde said and started to walk away. "Wait, Isolde. Do you mind if we got coffee or something one day?" He asked. "No. Sorry. I don't like coffee." Isolde said and continued on. "Cake? Ice cream? What do you like?" He asked as she walked away. Scarlett was shocked that her sister turned down a celebrity wanting to take her out. "Isolde! What're you doing?!" She asked. "Going to check out." Isolde replied. "Izzy! Go back there and let him take you out!" Scarlett encouraged. "No." Isolde argued. "Izzy, ple-" Scarlett started but Isolde cut her off with an icy glare. "I. Said. No."
"Isolde, let's not forget your doctors appointment tomorrow." The girls mother said. Isolde leaned in the doorway. "Can I go by myself tomorrow? I want to do this on my own. Just once." Isolde stated. "Honey are you sure you can handle it?" Her mother asked. "Yeah. The last few times have been good news. Please. Just once?" Isolde begged. Her mother huffed and rolled her eyes, not wanting her sick daughter to go alone so if there was bad news.
"I suppose you can." She finally said. "Thank you so much." Isolde smiled. "I'm going up to my room." She added. "Okay. Dinner will be done in about 30 minutes." Her mother said. Isolde nodded and started up the stairs for her room.
She thought about the boy named Zayn. Why did he insist so in taking her out to dinner? Was he really that interested? Or was he just looking for a random groupie to hook up with? Isolde didn't want to take the chance. She didn't feel like having to explain to someone why she didn't just give her body out to random strangers or having her heart broken or yet... Actually caring about each other and the chances of her leaving him behind. She didn't want to risk it.


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