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Chapter 1


This is NOT first come, first serve. I will pick the people who I feel had the best character, who will write within the two week limit and who I feel that will fit into the plot well.

Idea: A world where everything is grey and crime is always a problem 4 very colorful, unique and super individuals find themselves in the middle of this world after an odd event that took place in their worlds that brought them to this midway world. Together, they four heroes meet up and must fight the crimes and evils that are in this world if they wish to find a way back home. Friendships and hardships, love and lust, drama and lies, hope and fear seem to rise as questions in their minds are left for answers. Will they ever get back to their own worlds? Will they be stuck in the grey world forever? Will there be a happy ending?

Background of the worlds:

Grey World: The world where everything is grey, everyone and everything from houses to buildings to parks are exactly the same. The only thing that’s different in it is the large group of criminals and evils that lurk in this world to only serve one purpose and that is to create havoc. Don’t be fooled by the boring appearance though, you may just lose your life here.

Spirit's Spring: The world that ghosts and spirits float around, while everything here reminds you of a graveyard, there’s “keepers” in this realm that are the ones to make sure the ghosts and spirits don’t leave this realm and travel to the next world. Don’t be fooled with the graveyard land though, the actual people or keepers, aren’t as dark as people think.

Infernal Realm of the Volcano: The world of fire and light is hidden in the depths of the volcanoes, in this realm/world, everything is full of light and there is no darkness. The people here are the protectors of light, the ones that are often innocent and optimistic. Don’t assume that they will be gentle though, the people here often have a strong confidence and they aren’t ones to take crap, so be warned on who you anger.

Living Realm of the Romance: Imagine a life full of laughter, peace and love. Here in this world, people aren’t afraid to be themselves. They are the ones who seem care free, loveable and kind. However deep within them and in their hearts, these are the ones who are often broken and insecure and shy. Nothing is as it is perceived and there is more to them then their bubbly exterior.

Coral Realm: The land where water is everything. The people here have adapted to live under the water for as long as they could remember. Here they literally swim with fish, make friends with dolphins, and fear that they will be eaten by sharks. The people here are usually determined and driven, but deep down the fears that they have are very real. After all, no one is invincible.

Relations between the realms (to keep in mind)
1.) Spirit x Volcano- a fiery combination that may be well off at first and driven with passion and maybe even lust, it’s a fun combination between these two, but expect to get broken as this relation barely ever seems to last because when the going gets tough, the passion isn’t just what it’s about. If it gets too tough, they often become enemies.

2.) Spirit x Romance- the complete opposites of each other, but it seems to work out. The depressing side of the spirit keeps the bubbly of romance intact and the other way around. You can’t go wrong in this pair. Actually, that’s a lie: there are periods of times where one side doubts the other which can lead to fights, lies, and betrayal. However, neither side can stay away from each other.

3.) Spirit x Coral- A friendly, understanding relationship is formed here. Don’t be fooled though, they may have chemistry but there’s no passion. These two often are just friends because the two seem to understand each other’s calm exteriors and understand that even though they are different in looks and personality, it takes more than that for people to actually be too different.

4.) Volcano x Romance- A jealous relationship here, the two who both have very different beliefs often bump heads. The volcano part tries to start the fights, while the romance part often wants to shy away from conflict. When the two come together, it often leaves one fuming and the other in tears. Not a good combination to be together unless the other two groups are with them.

5.) Volcano x Coral- Another relationship in which opposites attract. The calmness of the coral and the fiery attitude of the volcano set each other off into steam as no fights emerge in this section very often. However, the volcano may get jealous with the relationship of the others and coral, since in their eyes, the coral is there’s and there’s only, which when jealousy gets to heated for the coral, the coral may fight back uncharacteristically which then can lead to the drama that follows fights. With all of that though, the volcano and coral are always going to feel an empty feeling when the other is gone.

6.) Romance x Coral- An innocent, yet flirty relationship is often created between these two. The two friends who both see nothing wrong with being friendly and flirting, often find themselves driven by the lust that’s formed in between them. Which in this relationship, the lust and physical attraction between the two may often make them think it’s love and that’s when broken hearts start up, but in the end the two remain good friends who are just a bit more on the awkward side.

Character Information (I’m picking one other girl and 2 boys, but feel free to sign up for whatever gender you want)

Age (15-18):
Realm (Between Coral, Volcano and Spirit):
Costume/Outfit that’s normal in their realm (May use a link or description):
Power (one):
Love Interest (Read relationships from above, you can have more than one in this story and this section can be filled out later):

My Character:

Name: Ophelia Hazel Long
Nickname: Lia
Gender: Female
Age (15-18): 16 ½
Realm: Living Realm of the Romance
Appearance: light brown/dirty blonde (depending on the light) mid length wavy hair, fair skin, blue eyes that show her emotions, 5’6, 135 lbs (average weight), often seen as elegant but young looking for her age, half, gentle smile almost always visible on her face, naturally rosy cheeks and lips.
Personality: kind, caring, helpful, modest, bubbly, goes with the flow type of person, light-hearted, open-minded, insecure, shy, anxious, fearful, and sensitive
Costume/Outfit That’s Normal In The Realm: outfit of pink and purple (
Power: Charm Speaker (Lure people by her voice when wanted too)
Fear(s): Losing loved ones, suffocation, heights and failure
Family/Background: Her dad is a highly praised peace keeper in the realm, mom is a stay at home mom. 2 older brothers, 2 older sisters, 2 younger brothers, 1 younger sister, very large, happy family. Lives in an average house for the realm (3 level house with 3 rooms in the basement, 3 on the main and 3 upstairs, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, family room, living room, etc. The exterior is a cream colored stucco house with an elegant beige.)
Love Interest: Strong attraction with the person from coral, but her soul mate is the one from the Spirit. (to be determined further)


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