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So, you guys have read the Percy Jackson series right? If you answered no to that question, you might not want to continue on with this. Part of Greek Mythology are the Nine Muses. Here is a list of the Muses:

Calliope: Epic Poetry (poetry about the deeds of a hero); wise; wears a gold crown

Clio: History; wears purple clothing and laurels in her hair

Erato: Lyric Poetry (emotional poems); romantic

Euterpe: Music; called the "Giver of Delight"

Melpomene: Tragedy (sad theater); wears crown of wine leaves

Polyhymnia: Choral Poetry(chant-like poetry that rhymes; usually used for nursery rhymes); wears a laurel in her hair

Terpsichore: Dance; can be competitive

Thalia: Comedy (as in story with happy ending)

Urania: Astronomy; future-teller

Well this is a story about nine teenagers who find out that they are off springs of the nine muses. They aren't born normally, but from their parent's element. For example, a Son of Urania would be born of the stars. Simple as that.

The main conflict is that demigod children of Hecate (the goddess of witchcraft) are turning on Olympus and want to make the gods angry with each other. The teenagers have to handle with the problem by not only defeating the cult of children of Hecate, but mending broken relationships between the gods.

The characters that are the off springs of Euterpe and Terpsichore are already taken, and they are both daughters. Euterpe is occupied by myself, and Terpsichore is reserved for Emily/A_Small_Drop, if she wants it.

The sign-up should go like this:

Name: Lark Clara (the name should have a meaning behind it; Lark is a songbird)
Age: 15 (all of them are)
Muse Parent: Euterpe
Looks: sandy brown hair to middle of back, coffee-brown eyes, pale-as-chalk, and petite
Personality: quiet/shy, kind, musically-inclined

That would be the sign-up, but without the parenthesis, obviously. I would prefer an equal-ish amount of boys and girls writing, because I like the mix-up. This is set a little after the Heroes of Olympus time. Please be open-minded while deciding what Muse you would choose. Thank you!

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