If you are on Quibblo and would like to be featured in a Quibblonian story, please read! (SECOND CHAPTER ADDED)

Remember, long in the distant past, when the brilliant author Russia AKA Mr Chair AKA JadesFlame AKA Gaibe decided to begin a group story by the name of Camp Quibblonian? Well it was a total failsickle. Which is why we are gathered here today.

Chapter 2

Hey look, there's a second chapter now!

by: Hyouka
Hi! I'm back!

Within the first night of sending out this story, I received three responses, and by the time I woke up the next morning I had about 11. Which is awesome!

But, I discovered that I might not have been as clear about the idea of this story as I should have been.

This is NOT A GROUP STORY. In entering this story, you are not agreeing to write chapters or add to plotlines or anything of the sort! This is a personal story - I'm writing it by myself - and I wanted your info to know I had the permission to use you in the story.

This story will be solely from my point of view! If you are not comfortable with this any longer, you can withdraw yourself! But the characters you entered will be used to represent you in the story.

For example. I will use my friend Anna - Auqa_Maroon - to show you what this will look like.

She entered her name, and what she looks like, and her personality.
So in the story, which is from my point of view, I will say something like:

Standing next to the pavilion was a girl. She was tall, her long, dark caramel hair pulled into a ponytail. As I approached, I noticed a small scar above her eye.

"Who are you?" she asked me, crossing her arms.

"Gaibe," I responded. Then, in realizing she didn't know who I was, I followed up with, "My Quibblo username is JadesFlame."

She nodded, a smile spreading across her face. "I'm Alex. My username is Auqa_Maroon."

I laughed a little bit. "Right! You do know you spelled it wrong, right?"

I could tell I struck a nerve. A scowl found its way onto her mouth. "Yeah. Not until after I made the account, though."

Does that make more sense? I just don't want anybody to be confused. I hope you weren't wanting to write in the story.

My deepest apologies!


Become one with Mother Russia, da? ^J^

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