How guys really want to be treated

Might not apply to all guys

Chapter 1

Hope this helps... someone.

by: cjcj
So, every guy has his own way that he likes to be treated. Some guys might say they actually like to be treated a little bad. But most guys would love to be treated one way in particular.

Now, if you haven't ever read the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series, you really should. In the fourth book, there is a character called "Calypso".

Calypso treats Percy the way almost every guy would love to be treated. Mainly, she treats him like hes a brave and strong hero, even if hes not so much. She acts like they were destined to be together, though in the story they can't. She laughs and says hes cute when he says something dumb, and every guy will say something dumb at some point.

So I don't really think i explained it that good, but if you really want to know read chapter 12 of the book.

I really hope this helped someone, thanks for reading!


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