Your chelsea grin (my gift to you) showing this fvcking world your eternal sin

Please read?

Warning, its what my friends call ''a hate song''

Chapter 1

One way to smile.

by: Nikolia
breaking my heart
and praying you wont die "(what a waste of time, ha ha ha ha ha)"
you say its my love you fear
in the one you left behind
you tore my fvcking heart
left me here to die, with that fvcking grin

my chelsea grin
the only way to make me fvcking smile "(its been a while)"
i'll use the shards of my heart
and cut your fvcking neck

every single lie ringing in my head
i thought you were my angel
you were my death instead
try to leave me in this broken land
i'll swear i'll find you again my love "(my only)"
and rip your fvcking throat

now im the devils favourite
you did me wrong, he's getting ready for my show
ill fvcking scream, till you heart bloody explodes
i'll never stop fighting "(never moving on)"
ever when my armour falls again
and your scars on my skin shows
"(im not afraid of you, i wont back down)"

let me with no goodbye "(just a posionous kiss in the night)"
i'll leave you with a lie "(i promise ill make it quick)"

fvck you "(fvck your everything)"
im sick of dieing because of you "(i loved you with everything i had)"
now i've had it i'll scream
im fvcking done

my chelsea grin
the only way to make me fvcking smile "(its been a while)"
i'll use the shards of my heart
to cut your fvcking throat

you saw my fvcking cracks
you broke me completly "(you son of a biitch)"
now your running scared
that'll fvcking help you now

just look at you fvcking run "(lifes never been this fun)"
the devils right hand man
you tore my heart
i'll tear your fvcking neck "(its YOUR turn to die)"
saying you loved me
when i love that noose around your neck
you lied, said you'd never leave

piss me off again hahhahhaahha
your a fvcking little shiit, it'll be your fvcking end "(finally)"

been broken for my last fvcking time
pain and happenies seem to fvcking blend
i'll hunt you down "(till my last breath)"
give you your fvcking end
i'll keep my fvcking promise
and follow you to hell and back

your chelsea grin "(my gift to you)"
showing this fvcking world you're eternal sin
it was a pleasure my love
to watch you fvcking end

you peice of shiit.


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