2022: The End?

Imagine a world where wi-fi is everywhere, where people can have smartphones implanted into their brains, where paper is completely obsolete. That sounds pretty nice, right? No having to steal wi-fi from neighbors. No more having to carry around a phone, or feeling it ring when it didn't. No more using of our natural resources either. But, the Government can listen in without warrant or probable cause, and if they don't like you, well, goodbye life, goodbye friends, and goodbye everything.

Chapter 1

I, Me, Mine

The year is 2022. I am sixteen. My name is Jennifer Marlo. I live in the United States of America. These are the few things I can know for sure.
I have to sit in a cold dank corner of my house because it's the only place the wi-fi doesn't reach. It's odd that anyplace exists anymore without wireless connection. Paper notebooks and pencils have all but been outlawed. I am writing this so that They can't tamper with my work. So you will know the truth about my life.
So many people think that I'm crazy. A lot of them say it's because my parents died when I was young, and had no other family to take me in. But I know I am sane. I know that my parents death wasn't an accident. They were killed because they refused to perform surgery to implant smartphones into people's brains. They said it was an unnecessary procedure that could have disastrous results.
My parents were out for the evening when the stoplight they were at turned into a four-way green light. It killed ten people other than my parents. When the head of the hospital they had worked at and had been treated at came to tell me that my parents were gone forever, he was obviously uncomfortable talking to an eight year old about something of that magnitude.
In the past ten years, the government has been changing, ever since the plane flew into the white house killing the President, his pregnant wife, and their twin baby girls, also the entire white house staff, and secret service detail. The people in the background decided to increase gun control. Now, no one is allowed to have any weapon of any type. So, the people can't fight back when They come to make the person disappear for an inappropriate tweet. No more online erotic material, or else you are packed up with the weirdoes and terrorists to be exterminated.
I have all but stopped using social media. But I know if I stop cold turkey, then They will get suspicious of that. The secret is being average, lying just under the radar.

I used to have a friend, Helen Croy. We were friends until two months ago, when she went in to get the surgery to implant an Apple smartphone into her brain.

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