Awesome people week~(PLEASE SEE VERY LAST CHAPTER!!!)

Okay so every...Tuesday I'm going to pick 3 people for Awesome People week. So here r 3 awesome people!

Chapter 1

Week 1

This girl is so kind and fun to talk to, she's one of my best friends so if your not friends with her already please friend her :)

This girl makes awesome stories and quizzes. We don't rly message each other but maybe sometimes we could. If u aren't friend with this cool gal then friend her :D

This guy is one my best friends in real. He's cool. He's nice. Fun to be with. He's like my family ya know? Same goes as the other two. Friend him if you aren't his friend. :3

Sorry if you didn't make it this week~ but all of you are awesome in my heart~

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