Vampire Knight (May be new characters and the other characters AREN'T Mine)

Chapter 5

Back to my dorm to find a intruder

I walked to my room and I saw his brown hair.
And I instantly knew..
"Kaname! Get out of here! X(
I felt Kaname's disgusting feature of a smile show and pull me close
"I need you to kill Zero Kiryu. That boy with white hair"
Zero Kiryu. So that's what his name is. I found out he was a human who was killing vampires.
I had to kill him eventually.
But not today.
I realized that I had killed Kaname and I drank his blood and watched him die and turn to ash
I hated Kaname...
But never to the point I would kill him..
But now.. He's dead
I couldn't help but laugh but then I heard a knock at my door
"Who is it?" I asked annoyed
I wonder who it is...

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