Vampire Knight (May be new characters and the other characters AREN'T Mine)

Chapter 2

Zero Kiryu

The next morning I woke up to see a boy who happened to be bitten too.

I tried to ignore it. But I had a feeling he was like me. Then I saw another boy just like him. I decided to go outside for a stroll. So I wore a black dress with lace hanging down on the bottom that was blood red

I didn't realize that blood stained eyes were so bright today....

And I scared Yuuki and the two boys in the house. But I just kept walking.

Later on that day I knew something was wrong...

But it was best I leave the other matters that don't belong to me in the other peoples hands.

As I saw the Vampires Feasting grounds I realized...I was also hungry.

I decided to look for a clean meal but I ran into a little boy who happened to be...The boy I saw ealier today.

"H-Hi" He says frightened.

This was the first time I ever heard somebody talk to me.. And I wasn't comfortable yet to talk to him. So I waved and started to walk off. Leaving him there Alone. I had no heart...And I didn't care. So I just left him there by himself so I could eat.

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