Vampire Knight (May be new characters and the other characters AREN'T Mine)

Chapter 1

Me (I own this character)

I wake up with my long white hair and Red eyes. I will one day be going to Moon Dormintory at Cross Academy. I was 5 when I was turned into a vampire... I was forced to move.
I was 5 years old when my mother decided to go into her room crying.
Dad didn't dare stop her...and he told me to go on a walk...Not realizing how old I was. I went anyways...Not wanting me to make him mad. And as I left I realized I was being followed. It was raining that night. And a man cornered me and I felt him bite me. And.. I fell

~~~~Comes back to reality~~
That was 2 years ago. And I am now on my .I walk up to a strange door and I see a man outside next my home. I see a girl who happens to be Yuuki Cross. Me and her look at each other and I instantly give her a nasty glare. I could already tell....I would hate her in the near future.

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