His Name Was Marcel (One Direction Love Story:Best Song Ever Based)

Hello, my new story is based on the one and only Marcel from Best Song Ever. Now, if you haven't seen this video, I highly recommend you do. :-). So here goes my love story. I don't know what to name my character so i'll just do a reader insert. Your name will be represented like this (y/n). Got it? Okay, thanks for reading and enjoy.

Chapter 3

Wake Up Call

I woke up feeling a little ditzy. My head felt like it was throbbing though it probably wasn't. I sat up, but quickly laid back down because of that feeling. You know that feeling you get whenever you stand up too quickly? Well, that's exactly what I felt. I felt like as if it was hard to breathe. Realization quickly filled my mind and I noticed I was in a nurse's office with one of the lights turned off. How long have I been knocked out?

My head turned to the nearby clock to check the time to find out it was 5:27 and school was long over due. I tried to get back up again but failed miserably. As I was calming down, a voice scared me to death.

"(Y/n)? Are you awake?" asked a very familiar voice. I turned my attention towards the door and saw Marcel looking exactly the same as always. I sighed and focused back on the ceiling. Footsteps were made forward to my bed and I closed my eyes."(Y/N), are you okay?" he asked. I felt him put a hand on my shoulder which made me instantly stiffen.

Why was he touching me? I just barely noticed his presence and now he was touching me? Um, sorry Mister but who gave you permission to touch me? I slowly looked at Marcel and he blushed, retrieving his hand from my shoulder. I nodded in approval.

"Hey, Marcel......what happened?" I asked. All I remember was the fight and me getting punched. Then, I fainted. But, that's it. A low growl was made from Marcel, which kinda scared me a little. What is with the sudden personality change? Marcel had a deathly look in his emerald, green eyes. That is weird. His eyes are usually huge with a nice happy, yet still nervous, smile on his face. This look...well, this look was scary. Something I've never seen from him before.

"Marcel, um, could you maybe answer my question?" I asked politely. He seemed to come back to normal and gulped.

"Well, (Y-y/n), um uh, well, Harry has been cheating on you with Eleanor."

What?!?! Harry, the perfect boyfriend anybody could have, is cheating on me with that..that..SKANK?!?! (A/N: I love Eleanor. She's perfect. No hate xx)
She..he..she..he..together..cheating...I felt myself start to shake uncontrollably. What is going on? Without thinking, I got up, having jelly legs, but clearly not caring at the moment.

I looked at Marcel, hate and heartbreak evident in my eyes. "Where's Harry?" I asked.

He pointed in the direction of the gym. I nodded and made my way in that direction.

Oh Harry, you don't know what you started........

hiya, sorry for the long wait i was kinda getting braces and my teeth hurt really bad so yeah...anyway hope you like chappie 3!! so have a nice day lovelies xx


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