His Name Was Marcel (One Direction Love Story:Best Song Ever Based)

Hello, my new story is based on the one and only Marcel from Best Song Ever. Now, if you haven't seen this video, I highly recommend you do. :-). So here goes my love story. I don't know what to name my character so i'll just do a reader insert. Your name will be represented like this (y/n). Got it? Okay, thanks for reading and enjoy.

Chapter 2

Stay Away From Me You Dog Part 1

I couldn't believe I just now noticed Harry's younger brother. His definition of him was accurate though. How could I not of known this sooner. I feel like a complete idiot. The halls weren't as busy as they were in the usual mornings. I raised an eyebrow in confusion and heard a loud commotion coming from the gym. I hesitantly made my way to that certain area.

I opened the doors to the gym and gasped. All eyes were now on me. I froze and focused the the two guys in the middle. Harry was fighting with none other than his greatest rival Louis. Louis was the 'it' guy in school. Harry was at first 'til this guy showed up. Louis had the best of everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Everybody talks about how he has a better girl than Harry, and her name is Eleanor. Students around her talk about how she's a goddess sent from God himself and she has the best legs. Well, I find those things quite hurtful in my opinion. I mean come on, who wants someone to say some other girl is better and prettier than you? No girl actually. Yeah.

I felt anger rise in my chest I specifically said to harry, in past times, not to start fights. It only causes more problems. I went in between both of them and look at Harry. His green eyes widened and he instantly stopped punching the guy. Louis didn't care and threw one more punch towards Harry. I took the blow though. Let's just say that didn't go well.

My gut was hit pretty badly and I landed face first on the gym floors, groaning in pain. Every single student within the whole gym just shut up. If there was a fly in here, you could hear it. I clutched my stomach and groaned again but I was now on my back. I slowly lifted my blouse, not caring what people saw. I look at my stomach and gasped with other people following after. My whole stomach from my boobs to my waistline was bruised. How the actually hell does that happen?

I made another disturbing noise and and for the third time. I looked up and the next thing you knew there were shouts for the boys to continue their fight. Did they not understand that I was just punched? AT ALL???

I slowly got up, grabbing my stomach. I cleared my throat to get people's attention. Once all eyes were on me again, I sighed. "What is this fighting all about?" I asked. I turned to Harry to see him pale. I shook my head and went to Louis' face. He smirked.

"Care to tell Styles?" asked Louis mockingly. I went back to Harry and he looked regretful. "Fine, I guess I'll just-" Louis started. "No, I can do it." said Harry. I yawned and waited for Harry to explain.

"(y/n) I'm cheating on..." then, everything went black.

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