His Name Was Marcel (One Direction Love Story:Best Song Ever Based)

Hello, my new story is based on the one and only Marcel from Best Song Ever. Now, if you haven't seen this video, I highly recommend you do. :-). So here goes my love story. I don't know what to name my character so i'll just do a reader insert. Your name will be represented like this (y/n). Got it? Okay, thanks for reading and enjoy.

Chapter 1

Two Sides

(Read Intro)

After hastily throwing a blue blouse and black jeans, I ran to the bathroom. My hair was a sloppy mess and I clearly couldn't go to school like that at all. I was still have asleep and couldn't t necessarily pull myself together. Today I was handing in my history report on The French Revolution and history is first period. Well guess what? I'm already 15 minutes late for the third time this WEEK! Yeah I said WEEK.

I painfully brushed my hair and applied some blush and mascara, grabbing my Baby Lips and shoving it into my right pocket. My gaze met the mirror and I gasped. My hair looked wring in all places. Ripping open a drawer, I found a rubber band. I hesitantly pulled my hair back in a messy bun. Those are in style right? Oh, it's better than what it was before. I yawned in tiredness and made my way downstairs the fastest I ever have. I'm surprised I didn't die.

I reached for my grey messenger bag and quickly put on my nude heels. What? I have to look good, this is high school. Thank goodness my makeup bag was in here so I could fix it again when the first period was over. I am also happy my pale pink lipstick was in there along with my liquid eyeliner. I could make little wings on my eyes too. I also grabbed my black leather jacket that was cropped and my grey scarf. After I made sure I had everything, I grabbed my car keys.

I had a yellow bug. It was from the 80's and it was awesome. I placed everything in my car and headed to school in a rush.

Time skip brought to you by Leeroy the choreographer because Liam is Per-fingersnap-Fect

I skimmed down the halls searching for room 301. I kept searching 'til that certain number caught my eye. I sighed in relief and opened the door. When I did, the door made a loud screech, indicating someone had entered. All eyes were on my from hazel to blue to brown. I smiled nervously and chuckled.

"Sorry I'm late...again." I said heading to my desk after taking off my jacket and other things. I settled in my seat when the teacher scolded me, leaving the high schoolers to snicker, I only smiled an innocent smile and focus on getting out my report.

I reached for my bag and opened it to only see my wallet,keys,makeup bag,phone,calculated,pencil case,binders, and other school supplies BUT my report. This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happ-

"Excuse me Miss (y/n) but is something wrong?" Asked my history teacher. I froze and slowly looked up at him. I shook my head no and his my fear and my nervousness. My teacher smirked and leaned against his desk.

"Well then, how about you give your report first?" I stiffened and my eyes bulged. Crap, what do I do? I chuckled nervously and stood. "I.m sorry Mr.Jacobson. I-"

Right then and there there bell rang. The whole class cheered and stormed to the door. I wiped away a pretend stop of sweat and gathered my things and throwing them in my bag. I made my way to the door, my heels clattering against the hard floor. I heard a throat being cleared and I sheepishly turned around to see Mr.Jacobson and a guy I've never seen before. My teacher motioned me over and I walked to the standing men. I made a questioning face and listened to my teacher.

"(Y/n), this is Marcel. Lately you have been showing no effort in my class and it's only October. You've been late 3 times and haven't been turning in your reports. Your grades have dropped from A's to F's. And it's your junior year. Start thinking off colleges for next next year. So, Marcel here is going to be tutoring you and helping you with your future." My teacher finished.

I nodded but was kinda confused. Where did Marcel come from? I don't recall ever meeting him, like ever. I looked at him more closely and I couldn't help but giggle. He looked a lot like my boyfriend Harry, only this guy was a nerd.His hair was combed back with gel and he wore these big 60's glasses. His clothes were also kinda 60's ish. He wore a white button-up, long sleeved shirt underneath a light brown sweater. His pants were tan slacks and a brown pair of loafers.He looked so nerdy and it was kinda adorable.

I stuck out my hand and smiled kindly. "My name is (y/n). Nice to meet you Marcel." I said warmly. Marcel blushed and frowned, but shook my hand shyly.

"I've known you since middle school (y/n)." he said. I blushed in embarrassment. Oops, now I feel bad.

"My apologies Marcel." I said then walked out of the classroom. I started towards the stairs to the the 3rd level, where my locker was. I groaned because my feet were already hurting. Stupid heels. They were the first shoes U saw so why not? Also, they were kinda matching my outfit right?

I heard a deep growl emerge from my stomach and I groaned again. I forgot to eat some breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I felt like crying right now so badly. I lazily made my way to my locker and did the combination. My locker opened and started looking for the books I needed for next period and putting the extra ones in my locker. You see, between each period, there is a 30 minute break for who knows what? So, school starts at 6:45 a.m. and ends 3:15 p.m. I actually enjoy the schedule. I took off my jacket to reveal my sleeveless blouse and I also took off my scarf. I was burning in my outfit, but outside was raining, meaning it was freezing.

As my train of thought was lost,I felt a cold finger tap my bare shoulder, scaring the living gummy bears out of me. (A/N: idk i just wrote what my friend said lol)

I turned around expectantly and smiled kindly at Marcel looking adorable.

"Hey Marcel. What's up?" I asked, slamming my locker shut, making him jump up in surprise. He pushed his glasses up a little more on his nose and his gaze was fixed on the ground. I giggled and he blushed.

"U-u-ummm (Y-y/n) I-i-i w-w-was w-w-wondering i-i-if w-we c-c-ould u-uh s-study t-today a-after s-school?" You thought it was adorable how he stuttered. I giggled again and nodded vigorously. "Of course, and you don't have to be nervous around me." He smiled and looked up at me.

Oh.My.Gosh. His eyes were gorgeous, just like Harry's/ The same emerald green. So irresistible. (A/N: see what I did there? ;) I got lost in them that I didn't even realize how tall he is. Same exact height as Harry. Then I remembered. Harry has a brother.....a twin to be exact. I mentally face-palmed. OF COURSE! Marcel and Harry are twins. I blushed and looked at Marcel.

"Well, I have to go. By Marcel!" I waved kindly and I started off to look for Harry, with my stomach making weird noises.

your outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/best_song_ever_love_story/set?id=90659610

hope you enjoyed! i love friend requests!

-<3/ Carly

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