I am afraid of 6 out of 74 most common fears

I hope I counted right!!!!

Chapter 1


NOTE: This is all a repost!!! The answers for every section are answers created by someone else, but checked off by me!

[] Black People (That's a bit harsh...)
[] The dark
[] Staying single forever
[] Being a parent
[] Open spaces
[] Closed spaces (tight ones)
[] Heights
[] Dogs
[] Birds
[] Fish
[] Spiders
[] Flowers or other plants


[] Fire
[x] Deep water (In lakes or oceans and stuff, I HATE going under alone because it's deep and cold and I can't see down there...)
[] Snakes
[] Silk
[x] The ocean (There are HUGE waves!!! I don't want to be pulled under... I had a huge incident when I was little...)
[] Failure
[] Success
[] Thunder/Lightning
[] Frogs/toads
[] My boyfriends/girlfriends dad
[] My boyfriends/girlfriends mom
[] Rats
[] Jumping from high places
[] Snow


[] Rain
[] Wind
[] Choosing hanging bridges
[] Death
[] Heaven
[] Being robbed/mugged
[] Falling (Depends on where I'm falling from... and how long it is down...)
[] Clowns
[] Dolls
[] Large crowds of people
[] Men
[] Women
[] Having great responsibilities
[] Doctors
[] Dentists
[] Tornadoes

TOTAL SO FAR: 2 (Goin' good for me!)

[] Hurricanes
[] Incurable diseases
[] Sharks
[] Friday the 13th
[] Ghost
[] Poverty
[] Halloween
[] School
[] Trains
[] Odd numbers
[] Even numbers
[x] Being alone
[] Becoming blind (I have TERRIBLE eyesight. It's almost to blind standards, anyway. Still, contacts help!!!)
[] Becoming deaf
[x] Growing up
[] Fairies/Edward Cullen (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
[x]Creepy noises in the dark
[] Not accomplishing my dreams/goals
[] Needles
[xxxxx] Blood (MY BIGGEST FEAR: NOTICED! [Aside from rejection, which is also wayyy up there.] Only if it's a lot, though. I don't mind a blood-less death, and I would rather myself bleed a ton than someone else bleed a ton :( )
[] Seagulls

In all: 6

If you get 30 or more I strongly recommend consoling, if you get over 20 you are paranoid if you get 11-20 your normal, if you get 10 or less you are fearless!!!

Repost this with the title I am afraid of X out of 74 most common fears (X stands for their number of fears)


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