7 min in heaven with OHSHC

Chapter 1

Only just met you

by: Phantom4
I walk into a door to a 3rd music room. " Welcome to the host club." People say. They were all in weird costumes. " Is this a costume party?" I asked as two of them, that looked the exact same, came up to me. " No, but do you wanna play a game?" The boys asked in sync. I look at them for a second thinking of the answer. " Depends on the game?" I tell them putting my hands on my hips. They look at each other evilly and back at me with the same look in their eyes. " Yes we shall play that game. Every one pick a girl and throw an item into this hat." A man said as he pulled his hat off of his hat. Every guy put something inside the hat except one. The twins got five girls to play and I was one of them. I was the first to pick, I reached inside the hat and pulled out a little toy train connected to another toy train that looked exactly the same. I could already tell that I got the twins but still held it up for every one to see. The twins got up and ran in the closet. I sighed walked towards the closet. " Do I really have to do this?" I asked as I had all eyes on me, the twins poked their heads out and pulled me in. They shut the door and in went pitch black. I sighed once more than I felt arms go around my waist and another pair behind me moving around my neck like a snake. " Come on guys." I said pushing the hands away from me. I sat down in a corner and my eyes were dilated enough to see feet coming closer to me. I covered my face with me knees and wrapped my arms around my legs. They sat next to me one on each side, which scared me." 5 minutes!!!" A boy yelled. The twins started whispering to each other an wrapped their arms around me still on each side of me. Then they both kissed my cheeks at the same time.' Who knew twin could be so exact with each other.' I thought to my self as a chill went down my spine and one of them slid their hands down to my waist but stopped kissing me. The other raised his hands to my neck and got in front of me and started making out with me. It had to suck for him because I'd never kissed anyone before. " 2 minutes!!"Someone shouted this time a girl. The twin that wasn't kissing me went to the door and locked it. He came back and switched his brother spots. I stopped him before he could kiss me. " What are ya'lls names?" I asked as one licked my neck. I squealed and held my neck. " I am Hikaru."said the one who licked my neck in a different spot. I squealed again and held that part of my neck. " And I'm Kaoru." said the one that was going to kiss me. Kaoru kissed me then I heard hard breathing beyond the door. I pushed Hikaru and Kaoru off of me and put my left ear on the door. It was some guys because you could slightly hear the girls in the back ground. I hit the door with my elbow and heard a few ows here and there. " What's wrong?" the twins asked in sync. " N. Nothing." I said putting my hand on the back of my head. I didn't care if they could see or not. " Times up!!!" The girl said as she tried and failed to open the door. " You locked the door. Funny." I said looking back at the twins sarcastically. I already knew they locked the door. Then the door flew open. A guy with black hair and an emotionless face was in the doorway. The twins walked out and pulled me with them. They took me to a large room with no one or thing in it but a couch. It was big enough for the three of us. The twins threw me on it and we finish what they started in the closet. :D

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